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Chapter Leader Newsletter March 2023

March 9

Message from Staff

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Leadership and Engagement

Chapter Leadership Summit Registration – Coming Soon!​


President-Elects and Chapter Administrators - an email invitation will be sent the week of March 14 to all eligible FY2023-2024 Volunteer Chapter Leaders asking them to register for Chapter Leadership Summit (CLS) which will be taking place on April 19. 

If you have not done so yet, please submit your FY2023-2024 board slate before March 14 to ensure your incoming board members receive the invitation to register and other important information regarding CLS and Board Orientation. Please only use the board slate submission toolkit saved in the CLRP > Compliance > March 1 Compliance > Chapter Board Slate Submission Toolkit 

IMPORTANT: for any updates (addition/removal/role change/etc.) to the already submitted FY2023-2024 board slates, please only use the updates document saved in the CLRP > Compliance > March 1 Compliance > Chapter Board Slate Submission Tool Kit 2022 (Zip file) > Chapter Board Slate Updates Only (Word document). 

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming the FY2023-2024 Volunteer Chapter Leaders to CLS in a few weeks. 

WEC23 Mexican Caribbean Volunteer Chapter Leader Rate​

We are very happy to announce that the discounted registration rate of $750.00 is available to all FY2022-2023 and FY2023-2024 Volunteer Chapter Leaders. The discounted rate includes round trip airport transfer for the attendee (not companions) from the Cancun airport and one ticket for MPI Foundation’s Rendezvous (non-transferable). This rate is only available through the dedicated Volunteer Chapter Leader registration website

​European Chapters Calls and Meetings​

March 26 in Brighton at Hotel Hilton Metropole before EMEC starts 


VP Membership April 11 

Presidents and PE's April 12 

Keep Your Nominations Committee Engaged

While the nominations process has come to an end, you are encouraged to keep your Nominations & Governance Committee engaged throughout the remainder of the chapter year.  

Are there key open positions on your 23/24 Board slate? Have the committee work with your Leadership Development Committee to seek out new candidates.  

Ask them to review your chapter nominations process – does it work well for your chapter? What improvements can be made?  

Are there any Chapter policies that need to be reviewed or revised? Engage this committee to make recommendations to your Board of Directors.  

Finally, while this year’s process is complete, they can begin to have an eye on the future in continuing to develop the succession pipeline for your chapter.  

Marketing and Communications

WEC23 Mexican Caribbean Chapter Toolkit​

A toolkit to promote WEC23 is now available. The toolkit includes a PowerPoint slide for chapter events, social media assets, and copy to use in chapters’ marketing initiatives.  

The toolkit can be found in the CLRP: CLRP > Chapter Toolkits > WEC 23 Chapter Toolkit 

WEC23 Chapter Incentive Challenge

WEC 23 is quickly approaching, and your Chapter has the opportunity to win outstanding prizes including free memberships, free WEC 24 registrations and more!  Check out the document for details and reach out to your Chapter Operations Manager with any questions!

The toolkit can be found in the CLRP: CLRP > Chapter Toolkits > WEC23_Chapter_Challenge

GMID Membership Promotion

To celebrate GMID 2023, MPI is offering a 24-hour promotion for memberships. This promotion will run the day of GMID virtual broadcast (March 30, 2023).

A toolkit to promote is now available. The toolkit includes a PowerPoint slide for chapter events, social media assets, and copy to use in chapters’ marketing initiatives.  The toolkit’s assets and details of the promotion are to be shared only on the day of the broadcast (March 30, 2023).

The toolkit can be found in the CLRP: CLRP > Chapter Toolkits > GMID_Membership Campaign_Chapter Toolkit 



​Membership & Chapter Satisfaction Survey​ Promotion

The annual Membership & Chapter Satisfaction Survey (MCSS) launched a couple of weeks ago and, new for 2023, we will be awarding the five (5) chapters/clubs with the highest participation ratio of members completing the survey with one (1) New Member Certificate to be use at the chapter/club discretion. 

The certificate will be valid for one (1) new Preferred planner or supplier membership and will expire on September 30, 2023. Results will be announced after the survey closes. 

We have extended the survey through March 24. We ask all your members to complete the survey to increase your chances of winning one of the New Member Certificates. 

To assist promoting the survey to your membership, a toolkit has been prepared and saved in the CLRP > Chapter Toolkits > Monthly Toolkits > 2023 Membership Survey_Chapter Engagement Guide 

Membership Updates

March Membership

Student in Transition Program

Are your chapter members aware of MPI’s various membership programs? We’re spotlighting our Student in Transition Program this month as a refresher. If you have recently graduated and your MPI student membership is about to expire, you can take advantage. This special program allows you to grow incrementally from your current student membership rate to the full membership rate over a period of three years. 

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Administration and Finance

Bank Information, Nonprofit Status and Articles of Incorporation

As we are constantly seeking to make the chapter leadership experience easier now and ongoing for future volunteers, MPI is seeking to create a comprehensive repository of chapter documentation to ensure this generation of Volunteer Chapter Leaders, and those to come, will have reference points for ongoing clarity.  

We are gathering all legal documentation to store for the benefit of all chapters/clubs.  As Volunteer Chapter Leaders and Chapter Administrators change, MPI will always have legal documentation stored so that it is readily available in case of a need arising. 

Your Chapter Operations Manager (COM) recently requested that the applicable missing documents for your chapter be submitted so they can be saved for future reference. If you didn’t receive a request, then we have all the necessary documents on file and no further action is needed.  

If you received a document request and have not submitted the required documents, please do so as soon as possible or reach out to your COM with questions. Thank you! 


​New Partnerships, New Initiatives, New Scholarships!

Our MPI Councils have been hard at work establishing partnerships and developing creative initiatives to help elevate the MPI Foundation. Below are a few updates from some of our councils. 

US Council: 
CMAC and US Council partner to streamline MPI Foundation communications and give a shout out to the two US Chapters that are signed up for the Chapter Contribution Program. Those chapters are the MPI Greater Orlando Chapter and the MPI Southern California Chapter. Thank you for supporting the MPI Foundation!  

Canadian Council: 
Members of the MPI Community in Canada were provided with opportunities to support the MPI Foundation in conjunction with local and Chapter events in Edmonton at Go West, Ottawa during “Meet Week” with the Give a Little Love campaign, LOL2.0 Comedy Night and MPI Ottawa Charity Auction and Dinner and in Toronto for the MPI Toronto February Just Networking event. Not all the totals are in just yet, but donations are anticipated to top $8,000 CAD for January and February 2023. Confirmed events are planned at the chapter level for Atlantic Canada and Toronto in the coming months. 

Check out some of our available scholarships. 

Hilton Memberships: Planners in Canada, Latin America, and the US are eligible to apply for Hilton membership scholarships.  

Destination Toronto HMCC Scholarships: If you are a US Planner interested in obtaining your HMCC credential, apply for this scholarship today! Recipients will have the full cost of their HMCC class covered. 

NEW! WEC deadlines are extended 1 week, with new opportunities for global planners and suppliers!  

WEC23 Scholarships for global members: These registration scholarships are available for planners residing outside the US and all suppliers who are members of MPI.  

Simpleview WEC23 Scholarships: These WEC23 scholarships are devoted to employees of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and will cover registration plus a very limited reimbursement of travel/hotel costs. Apply before March 22!  

VisitDallas & Wyndham WEC23 Scholarships: These WEC23 registration scholarships are available for US Planners. Hurry – applications close March 22.