The MPI Foundation is Building on Success

The MPI Foundation is Building on Success

By Chandra Allison | Dec 4, 2019

MPI was the first association I joined nearly 20 years ago when I began my career in hospitality sales. This association holds a very special place in my heart, and becoming MPI Foundation chair has brought my journey full circle. Through MPI, like all of you, I’ve been able to form long-lasting relationships, hone my skills and further develop my career. MPI has afforded us all so many opportunities, and it’s an honor to now be in a position to make the maximum impact for the Foundation and our industry. 

Our mission is clear: to advance our industry by strengthening our people, growing our communities and championing our causes. In 2019, we awarded more than 200 scholarships to people in our community, 15 chapter grants and three major grants. I’d like to thank the Global Board of Trustees for their hard work and dedication this year and welcome the incoming members who will serve in 2020. I know we will continue to move forward with the great momentum that’s been established.

As we enter a new decade, technology will continue to transform the landscape of our industry. We all know that face-to-face meetings continue to be the ultimate connectors, as we produce experiences that inspire, educate and energize. Indeed, in this world of seeming isolation spurred by technology, we can all get behind the MPI slogan “When we meet, we change the world.”

However, to continue to grow the Foundation and serve the industry that has given back so much, we must amplify our voice and share the stories of how MPI scholarships have impacted the lives of our peers professionally and personally. A colleague once gave me a piece of advice for telling a story: Give people a reason to care about the story you are sharing. It is not enough to ask them to donate or volunteer—we must create an emotional connection, and put a face to it.

I challenge us all to think about that. Maybe it was yourself or a colleague who was greatly impacted by the MPI Foundation, and you use that story as motivation when you are contributing and looking at ways to become involved. We all benefit when our industry grows. Have the passion to be the change agent to make that happen! 

I look forward to working with each of you in 2020 as we build upon MPI Foundation’s 35 years of success.

Chandra Allison
2020 MPI Foundation Chair

Thank you to Carole McKellar

The MPI Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks to Carole McKellar for serving as our 2019 chair of the Foundation Global Board of Trustees. McKellar guided the Foundation, which is on track to distribute more than US$750,000 to grants, scholarships and its endowment this year.



Chandra Allison

Chandra Allison is senior vice president of sales and marketing at the Venetian Resort, the Palazzo and the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas. She is the 2020 chair of the MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees.