A Powerful Story to Tell with the MPI Foundation

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A Powerful Story to Tell with the MPI Foundation

By Carole McKellar | Dec 3, 2018

In Europe, the concept of a Foundation doesn’t translate well, so I spend a lot of time explaining what we do. In global language, the MPI Foundation is like a “charity” and it is the organization in OUR industry through which we raise funds to help others. We all have charitable causes we are passionate about, and the MPI Foundation is the place where we can make philanthropic contributions and an investment in strengthening the future of our industry.

The MPI Foundation is the place where we can give back to an industry that has been very good for many of us. We have learned new skills, made great friends, developed our careers and found a home we love. Many of us have worked hard on that personal and professional development and been grateful for the support we have received along the way. But not everyone who is determined to develop personally and professionally gets the support they need. The MPI Foundation helps with educational grants and scholarships and in 2018 distributed more than $353,000 to our community.

There is a lot of work to be done and, with the support of an enthusiastic Global Board of Trustees, we are exploring different ways to generate the funds needed to build an endowment for future security and to continue to distribute the highest number of scholarships and grants in the industry. My sincere thanks to the 2019 board members for volunteering to make a difference and creating our strategy for 2019 and beyond.

And YOU can help too! I encourage all of you to look around and identify ways in which you can raise funds for the MPI Foundation and help others. What could you do as an individual? Are there events or activities that your chapter runs that could be developed into fundraising opportunities? Or are there ways through your work that you could create opportunities to raise funds?

I have two stories to share that will hopefully inspire you to find ways you can help. Through HelmsBriscoe’s HB Cares program launched seven years ago, we have been able to support young adults with autism. This MPI Foundation project has helped to fund work experience placements in hotels in the U.K. for young adults with autism, giving them added confidence about their ability to cope with a workplace environment and also helping staff to understand that these young adults can make a valuable contribution at work.

The second story has been in social media recently—a personal fundraising challenge to do the Polar Plunge in the icy waters of the Antarctic with Julie Krueger (chair of the EMEA Council for the MPI Foundation) while raising funds for educational scholarships (www.mpi.org/events/polar-plunge). It’s not too late to make a small contribution!

Everyone has a philanthropic story to tell. What is your story? I look forward to hearing from you and sharing those stories throughout the coming year as your 2019 chair of the MPI Foundation.

Best Wishes,

Carole McKellar, MA, CMM
2018 MPI Foundation Chair

Thank You to Jim Russell

The MPI Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks to Jim Russell for serving as our 2017-2018 chair of the Foundation Global Board of Trustees. Russell guided the Foundation through some exciting and successful times, including raising more than $900,000 and awarding more than 169 scholarships (as of press time).



Carole McKellar
Carole McKellar

Carole McKellar, MA, CMM, Chartered FCIPD, is vice president EMEA for HelmsBriscoe and 2019 chair of the MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees.