Extending wellness beyond the physical to the person

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Extending wellness beyond the physical to the person

By Blair Potter | Oct 20, 2021

Dr. Kim’s Byte-Size Wellness® Academy helps meeting professionals reduce conference fatigue by providing 360 virtual wellness experiences, wellness keynotes and breakouts that will “turn attendees from Zoom Zombies to invigorated Meeting Mavens.”

Since the pandemic has brought thoughts about improved wellness to the forefront for many meeting professionals and attendees alike, we asked Dr. Kim to share wellness tips and thoughts about event wellness during the pandemic.

Learn more about Dr. Kim and how she helps meeting professionals and attendees stay well.

As more in-person events continue to cautiously return, what wellness tips would you offer to meeting organizers for both themselves and their attendees?

Tips for meeting professionals:

·      It’s similar to the airplane metaphor: “Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.” Now, we put our face masks on to protect others.

·      Practice self-care so that you can better care for your meeting attendees.

Tip for meeting professionals and attendees:

·      It’s the small changes repeated with consistency every day that lead to healthy habits.

How should we think differently about wellness at in-person events now that we’ve all experienced (and continue to experience) a pandemic?

As the meeting industry looks ahead to rebuild and recover, the focus needs to extend beyond the physical (safety, physical health) to the PERSON attending the event with the following in mind:

·      Education about self-care and collective care

·      Opportunities to practice self-care and wellness

·      Engaging and energizing attendees with micro-breaks and holistic wellness experiences

·      Creating a culture of compassion and kindness

Since most of us will still be on a lot of Zoom meetings going forward, how can we adjust our mindsets in order to stay mentally or physically healthy in an online-meetings world?

Virtual meetings need to take a 360 wellness experience, from awake time to bedtime with Byte-Size Wellness® activities that are easy to fit into attendees’ busy meeting days.

My “Eat, Sleep, Move, Breathe” total health approach to self-care helps attendees be in their best frame of mind and body during virtual meeting days: energized, focused and engaged.


Psychological safety has transcended physical safety and wellness when it comes to event attendee priorities. When discussing recent Meetings Outlook research, Jessie States, CMM, CMP, vice president of the MPI Academy, said that “meeting professionals are asking whether event wellness should (become) a strategically integrated element of the planning process, with specific emphasis on including this within a conversation on the limits of what ‘safety’ means.” In fact, nearly two thirds (63%) of meeting professionals say their interest in wellness “content” is increasing. So how do you level up your wellness design? Start with looking at how wellness fits into your life as a professional. Register today for our free Future Forward | A New You in 2022 (Dec. 8), where we will discuss topics such as avoiding burnout, cultivating confidence and overcoming fear. -NANCY SNOWDEN, MANAGER OF EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES



Blair Potter
Blair Potter

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