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Pawntra Shadab - MPI Orange County

By Pawntra Shadab | Oct 10, 2019

I had the great fortune of growing up in events. I’m proud to be a part of a company that spearheaded the industry, by an innovator and pioneer, my very own mother, Lili Shadab. As a child I saw first-hand what it took to put on extraordinary events and run a business. Although I didn’t plan on being in the industry, I found myself producing events throughout college for the campus, dorms and local artists and musicians. Come to realize, this was my true passion. Producing and designing events was in my blood. I quickly joined Elite Productions International full-time after college and it has been the most rewarding experience.

Being appointed as the 2019-2020 MPI Orange County Chapter president has been a highlight of my career. It has been a true honor to serve my community. I would love to produce the Olympics Opening or Closing Ceremony.

Sometimes we run into time constraints when there are last-minute requests, but the challenge can be exciting. We have a fantastic team and group of partners that have the same “yes” philosophy, helping us turn those so-called challenges into conquests.

Working in the meeting and event industry has allowed me to take my creativity to the next level. I’ve worked with CEOs of Fortune 400 companies, celebrities and non-profits. Each client and event has different needs, but at the end of the day, we have to be creative with the design, logistics and budgets to produce events and experiences that have our clients coming back year after year.

With both parents being entrepreneurs, I saw their commitment, tireless dedication and passion. These very characteristics have shaped me today. They are both an inspiration to me and I’m grateful to have their support throughout my journey.

I happened to attend an MPI Orange County Chapter event on a whim. During that event, they were promoting engagement and volunteering. I have always had a passion to serve, so I jumped at the chance to give back. I not only became a member; I joined the board as well. Through these experiences I’ve grown not only personally but professionally as well. It’s so inspiring to be around the leading professionals within the industry.

Technology has evolved tremendously during my tenure in the meeting and event industry. It’s amazing to see how technology has impacted how we do business, design events and create experiences for our clients and their guests. It’s ever changing and I’m excited to see what’s in store for us.

Diversity and inclusion is something the industry needs right now. I’m happy to see that MPI is taking the steps to inform and educate our community.

I’m passionate about traveling—I love the adventure and immersing myself in new cultures while connecting with locals. I am also passionate about music and dance—both feed my soul and inspire me, allowing me to let go and be in the moment.



Pawntra Shadab
Pawntra Shadab

Pawntra Shadab is vice president of events and marketing for Elite Productions International and president of the MPI Orange County Chapter. She has been an MPI member since 2016.