Pro Tips for Shelter & Evacuation Management

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Pro Tips for Shelter & Evacuation Management

By Jessie States | Jan 17, 2020

Evacuation and sheltering-in-place are essential elements included in Emergency Action Plans, including those provided by your venues and facilities. Making the decision to evacuate, shelter-in-place or relocate during an incident is a complicated process and requires input from various entities knowledgeable in the structure of the space; the size, distribution and condition of participants; the hazard involved; and the anticipated response to that hazard. Hence, the decision should be made with input from all parties.

Identify who has the authority to make the decision to evacuate, shelter-in-place or relocate, along with how it will be communicated, and have pre-defined rally point(s) determined to convene if a decision is necessary. Ask venue staff about the following, and have the answers documented in your plans.

  • Their evacuation job duties

  • Evacuation routes

  • Nearest fire extinguishers

  • Nearest exits

  • Alternatives for potentially blocked exits

  • Shelter-in-place locations, spaces or points

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The size of your event will define how complex this plan is, but all events require evacuation/sheltering plans. Prior to initiating an evacuation, take into consideration the inherent risks associated with moving people from one place to another.

  • Sometimes the best course of action is not to evacuate, or to partially evacuate, and sometimes shelter-in-place or relocation is the best option.

  • Determine the least invasive and most effective method to evacuate attendees from potentially dangerous conditions (including partial evacuations).

  • Evacuation planning should be based on a risk assessment that takes time and distance into account.

Think through the process and preplan, as the decision will likely depend upon situation. Know your options. And remember: Social media could outpace your communications if decisions are not made in a timely fashion.



Jessie States
Jessie States

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