Staff Safety Training Protocols for Events

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Staff Safety Training Protocols for Events

By Jessie States | Oct 12, 2019

Training and practice are critical components of any safety and security planning process. Making sure that your team is equipped with the right tools to be ready to act in the event of an incident is critical. Here are some tips to creating right-sized training for your meetings and events.

  • Create relevant training programs that are required for all personnel.

  • Establish a mentoring program for on-the-job training of new or replacement staff.

  • Conduct training prior to every event.

  • Conduct annual training of all staff. Test or quiz your team to determine the effectiveness of training.

  • Challenge staff during the year with questions.

  • Encourage staff to review safety and security policies and procedures on a regular basis.

  • Specify basic training requirements.

  • Create a catalog of needed skills and required training on basic security procedures (i.e. access control, situational awareness, screening).

  • Offer CPR/AED training for everyone

  • Establish an events handbook that clearly explains expectations, rules and guidelines.

  • Set-up periodic refresher training for full-time and event staff.

  • Hold annual training for security personnel on proper screening and inspection techniques for attendees and their belongings.

  • Maintain training records.

  • Host annual security awareness training of non-security staff such as registration / check-in, food service personnel, room monitors and others



Jessie States
Jessie States

Director of the MPI Academy at Meeting Professionals International.