Voice of Kindness in Uncertain Times

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Voice of Kindness in Uncertain Times

By Janice Cardinale | Apr 5, 2020

Over the past few weeks as I sit back and watch the world in crisis, I find myself thinking about what good could come out of this that could benefit the members of MPI globally.

While I have ploughed through many articles, news stories and information coming at me left, right and center, the ones that stand out the most are the stories of kindness.

Event professionals are going through this time of uncertainty together and apart.  I know of many people who have been laid off and who are struggling to make ends meet.  So what can our association do right now to make a difference in the members lives during this difficult time in history?

As a thought leader, my idea would be for every chapter around the world to adopt the same plan of communication within their own chapters, that begins with an old-fashioned phone call to find out how another member is doing. Association presidents would guide this by giving each member a few phone numbers to call to create conversations that are mindful, compassionate and empower members through this time.

What would come out of this you ask?  This association would lead the industry in showing the greatest kindness, non-members would hear about this, and it would create more interest for MPI memberships in the future. It is not about what you did yesterday, it is what you do today that has the greatest impact.

My experience has been, when you do something so simple, it can have the greatest impact of all. This is a movement of huge proportions, a time everyone will remember, and the simple gesture will resonate with every member around the world.

Members will be grateful that others showed care and concern as well as share positive stories of encouragement.  We owe it to ourselves and our fellow members to rise up and not just write another email, send another text, or send another analytical report, but reach out with heart and touch someone with kindness.

People’s lives are at stake in this industry and the media around what is happening is in our faces 24/7, so can we come together as a group and let our friends and colleagues know that we as an association care about them?  If we do nothing, then we are like any other association out there who is dependent on just membership rather than the human spirit.

Let’s give thought as to how we want to come out on the other side.



Janice Cardinale
Janice Cardinale

Janice Cardinale, a Chief Idea Hunter and a passionate leader and change maker in the event industry, is a board member for the MPI Experiential Marketers & Designers Community. She loves to hunt for new ideas, innovations and pure talent that creates shock value, while collaborating with young urban talent who she can mentor. She is never afraid to push the boundaries, take risks and make bold statements. At heart, her greatest love is to give back to the event community through networking and sponsoring events. She is the board chair for Seneca’s event design and management program and is a sought speaker and writer on trends.  Janice is very charitable and would rather give than receive.  She is a proud member of MPI Toronto Chapter.