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A Message from Our President

Lauren Manuel


Aloha from Lauren!

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The MPI Aloha Chapter ‘Ohana is committed to providing meaningful education, job enrichment and global connections through collaborative networking.  Through the spirit of aloha, we connect locally, grow personally and succeed professionally.


It is an honor to have the privilege of serving as your MPI Aloha Chapter President for the 2019-2020 fiscal year alongside our dedicated and hardworking members of the Board of Directors, Committee members and volunteers.

I would like to thank our Immediate Past President, Mary Neister.   Mary has implemented positive change to our board of directors over the last few years and we will continue to grow positively thanks to her efforts, support and leadership.  Mary continues to support our board as the Chairperson for our newly created, “President’s Advisory Committee” which is comprised of many leaders throughout our hospitality industry.  Through this committee, we are striving to keep the positive momentum going strong for our chapter through leadership support and mentorship.

I would also like to thank our entire past and present board of directors and volunteers.  It is because of these individuals that MPI Aloha Chapter is where we are today.  The hard work and hours of volunteering allowed us to support our members and hospitality industry through education, networking and community outreach.  We strive to get better each year by offering more opportunities to attend educational events, networking events and more social responsibility opportunities.

We are excited that we now have members on our board of directors based on the Islands of Oahu,  Maui, Island of Hawai’i and Kaua’i.  This is allowing us to personally be present on each major island to support our members.  We hope our members will have more opportunities to attend an in-person event and also sign up for our online events that we will feature on our website and emails.

A few key goals we have for this year include:

  • Offering at least one educational event, relevant to what our member’s needs are on Oahu, Maui, Island of Hawai’i and Kaua’i.
  • Planning a social event for our members to network meaningfully on Oahu, Maui, Island of Hawai’i and Kaua’i.
  • Showcasing our members’ event space and locations through MPI Aloha Chapter’s communication lines.
  • Creating value in membership by offering events and opportunities by listening to our member feedback.
  • Our Chapter Administrator, Stephanie Kennedy is actively keeping our chapter up-to-date with MPI Global and supporting us to maintain a positive status as a chapter.

We encourage all of our members to share your feedback and get involved in a committee!  Thank you so much to those who are already volunteering and making a difference.  Even if it’s to volunteer to sign people in at an event, or support our gala planning, we appreciate every person who steps up to support us.  Our chapter is growing and thriving because of you. 

One of the unique traits of the Destination of Hawai’i is that we are all one ‘ohana.  We support our destination as a whole first and foremost.  We want to continue through this aloha spirit that sets us apart from any other destination.  Please join us on this journey to continue to connect locally, grow personally and succeed professionally.

Mahalo nui loa,

Lauren Manuel, President


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