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The newsletter offers committee and event highlights, member spotlights and articles from members and chapter partners. It's a great resource for chapter information and staying up to date with chapter news. 

Ask the Expert – New Year Resolutions

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Jan 9, 2018
Question: I need to get myself better organized with my increased travel schedule for next year, what would you suggest I do when I am on the road?

Trends with Benefits: How to Let Go

Sasha Sook, CMP | Dec 12, 2017
Every year Event Planner is on the list of most stressful jobs. Juggling expectations vs reality, budgets, increasing costs and dietary restrictions are just a few of the stresses that event planners have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you know what is causing you stress and how to create an environment that is positive, you will have a much better handle on it.

Engaged Member of the Month

Kate Shea, Bankers Life | Dec 12, 2017
Jessica Lindberg August Engaged Member of the Month Event Sales/Marketing Communications Manager Edward Fox Photography & Video

6 Event Tech Tools for Easier Lead Retrieval

Soraya Herbert, DAHLIA+ | Dec 12, 2017

Engaged Member of the Month

Kate Shea, Bankers Life | Nov 28, 2017
Engaged Member of the Month

Ask the Expert – Personal Branding

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Nov 28, 2017
Question: I have heard the term Personal Branding but I really do not understand what it means.

Sekou Andrews, SekouWorld, Inc.

MPI CAC | Nov 28, 2017
Interview with Sekou Andrews, SekouWorld, Inc.

Trends with Benefits: The Art of Story Telling

Sasha Sook, CMP | Nov 14, 2017
Everyone and every company has a unique story to tell. That history, achievement and personality has to be reflected in every conversation, marketing piece, email and on the website. My story, our story (The Summit) and the industry associations story (MPI) are what makes working with me special. If you are passionate about yourself and what you do, make sure that it is clear.

Engaged Member of the Month

Kate Shea, Bankers Life | Nov 14, 2017
Engaged Member of the Month - Kathleen Kozminske

Sourcing – The 5th and final tip on developing an RFP

Rachael Riggs, CMP | Nov 14, 2017
Hello MPI-CAC – I am back. Took a break for awhile to give some other writers the opportunity to share their knowledge.

Value of Being Involved - The Benefits of MPI

Kate Shea, Bankers Life | Oct 31, 2017
Meeting Professionals International is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide. The organization provides innovative and relevant education, and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry.

Ask the Expert - Accepting a Leadership Position

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Oct 31, 2017
There are many situations in which you may not recognize that a leadership position is being placed into your path. Situations often arise where there is a distinct need for a leader to drive a process or idea, yet there is no formal announcement or mechanism that recognizes a single leader. When this occurs, are you driven to take a leadership position or do you hope that someone else will take control?

Engaged Member of the Month

Kate Shea, Bankers Life | Oct 31, 2017

The Transformation from Hero to Villain: When Exacting becomes Perfectionistic - Hero Habit #7: Consult the Owl

Michael ‘Hahndo’ Hahn, Author & Keynote Speaker | Oct 17, 2017
You know that person in your office who is hyper organized and everything on their desk has it’s place? That person who is always prepared and on time…? They’re that way because it provides a sense of certainty over their work and environment. Their decisions are paced and deliberate and are irritated by unpredictability and surprises. Seriously, don’t mess with their desk!

Food culture: Eating Locally While Traveling!

Mallory Mondloch, Pinstripes | Oct 17, 2017
Experiencing different cultures is a perk for business travelers but whether you are ready to do the research to find the local favorites or searching high and low for the best deal, here are a few suggestions of where to start!

Ask the Expert – Focus with a Plan

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Oct 17, 2017
Question: My business schedule has me out of the office for a week or weeks at a time. How do you suggest I stay organized when I am away from the office so much?

Trends with Benefits: What Do Speakers Need Today?

Sasha Sook, CMP | Oct 3, 2017
Speakers and facilitators are what makes the success of your event and keeps the attendees talking for months and years to come. Speakers have many requirements in order to perform at their best potential. I wanted to interview a few instructors and facilitators to see if there has been any changes in their needs and what they want us to know when we are booking a speaker. Maxine Fuller of Maxine Fuller LLC.,, Stacey Hanke of Stacey Hanke Inc. and Shawn Woods of Shawn K. Woods & Associates have provided their insights on what they think has changed.

Why Digital Signage?

Soraya Herbert, DAHLIA+ | Oct 3, 2017
Digital signage is more than a shiny, electronic version of the simple foam poster boards and easels outside of your meeting rooms. Digital signage is rapidly becoming an integral part of the attendee experience at events because it’s efficient, cost effective and adds a professional look to any conference or trade show.

Ask the Expert - The Value of Convention Bureaus

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Oct 3, 2017
Question: I am a corporate planner and book meetings of 50 to 250 people. What value does a convention bureau give me?

Trends with Benefits: Generation Gap

Sasha Sook, CMP | Sep 19, 2017
There are 4 people in a company and one is at 50 hours per week and mentoring other people, one is working from home, one is working on two computer screens with headphones on and is alone and one is currently working on 4 projects at once. Which one is a baby boomer, Generation X, Millennial or Gen Z? Now, before you get all worked up and think, “this isn’t me”, these are just stereotypes widely believed.

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