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Latest Tech Devices that will Dominate 2017

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By: Soraya Herbert, DAHLIA+ | Jun 13, 2017

Technology devices can be very helpful for meeting professionals. From planning events to execution, these devices can help make your jobs more effective.

Every week seems to bring new technology devices that are dominating the tech world and are things that can be used to not only make the job of meeting professionals easier but make your life easier!

Here are the Top 10 Latest Technology Devices that meeting professionals should know about to help you keep track in the fast-paced world of technology.

  1. A 3D printer, is taking over the tech world, take a look at the M3D Micro Printer its compact design allows for portability while printing high-quality products. From printing your event space floor plan, to even having the printer onsite to print event swag for attendees, the limits are endless with 3D printing.|

  2. When it comes to creating a musical experience, big or small Ultimate Ears by Logitech has got the perfect device for you! The UE BOOM speaker line combines great sound and durability into their devices. With a 360-degree wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speaker on steroids that blasts amazing sound in every direction. The best feature about these speakers is the ability to pair up to 150 speakers to play music in sync.

  3. Virtual Reality is becoming easily available to get your hands on, but what if you could merge real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects can coexist and interact in real time. Welcome to Mixed Reality. With the Microsoft HoLolens, you can interact with holograms in your world using a holographic computer and head-mounted display.

  4. Meet RIF6 Cube, this tiny, cube-shaped projector, is just 2-inches on each side and is so powerful that it can mirror the screens of mobile devices and project content from a microSD card. It is good for casual use or events.

  5. The Sunglasses that Snap! SnapChat is changing the way we capture and share moments. Spectacles by Snap Inc. are stylish-looking, water resistant sunglasses with a built-in camera. They offer an all-new way to capture Snaps, from a first-person perspective.

  6. Makers, artists, thinkers, and tinkerers have started capitalizing in on the power of live video to bring their audiences into their studios and their minds. Now it's time for meeting professionals to get on the live video train and embrace the possibility of livestreaming. With the Mevo, livestreaming is pushing the boundaries of how a camera should look and feel. Mevo is the perfect introductory camera for those who want an easy way to livestreaming.

  7. The Amazon EchoGoogle Home, and Lenovo Smart Speaker are smart assistance speakers the give users the ability to have a personal assistant at the sound of your voice. There was only one company who was missing,–Apple, but that is all about to change this December, with the launch of the Apple HomePod.

  8. Wearable technology adds convenience and accessibility to our busy lives. Fossil has introduced the new Hybrid Watches, that never needs charging! With no wires, you can say goodbye to charging cords. The Hybrid Watches are is powered by a battery, so you’ll always be so you'll always be in charge (and connected).

  9. Beacon technology provides numerous opportunities for events, venues, and exhibitors/sponsors as well as event attendees to enhance experiences. Loopd is a system that uses Bluetooth low-energy beacons to provide location-tracking tools for planners and attendees.

  10. It’s time to break-up with paper! Companies like LivescribeRocket Book wave,Moleskine are paper-based computing platforms; that are bringing processing power to traditional pen and paper; turn your handwritten notes and sketches into text multimedia.
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