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Ask the Expert - Networking Through the Summer

By: Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Jul 11, 2017

Question: During the Summer it seems there are not as many networking opportunities. How can I stay connected with my colleagues and expand my network?

Answer: With the weather being more conducive to be outside you need to pick activities that match with the weather. Consider getting three of your business colleagues out on the golf course. That gives you two to four hours of time with them and an opportunity to really grow your professional friendship with them. Golf is one of the best business sports. The 19th hole is very important!

Question: For those of us who are not sports enthusiasts, how can I use the Summer weather to broaden my professional network?

Answer: Fun activities do not need to only have a sports component to them. Try getting your colleagues to rent bicycles and take a ride along the lake. You can also have fun with them flying a kite which most of us have not done in years or do some miniature golf which anyone can do.

Question: What is something very Chicago that I can do with business colleagues during the Summer?

Answer: Now is a great time to take the river cruises which show off the great architecture of the city. Also think about taking a trolley ride to the museum of Science and Industry or through Grant Park. Something Chicago is best done when you imagine yourself as a tourist and doing.

Question: I would like to do something this Summer that involves the history of the city and am having trouble finding the right activity. What can you suggest?

Answer: There are some organized tours that can give you many sides of the city’s history. One of them is an architecture tour on LaSalle street that covers the financial growth of the city and are done by volunteers who have made a point to learn many of the interwoven details of how the financial community influenced the city. It is a walking tour so get some comfortable shoes.

If you do not want to walk consider the architecture boat tours offered on the Chicago River. They cover many of the best known buildings and the history from their construction and the many organizations that occupied them previously.

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