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The Tipping Point when Demanding becomes Commanding - Hero Habit #4: BE ALL IN

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By: Michael Hahn | Jul 25, 2017

Why are some people so difficult to work with? Ever wonder why some folks can drive us crazy while others can leave us feeling happy? It’s because each of us is wired differently and when we meet people who are wired opposite to us, we can’t relate and it can drive us crazy…

The final four Hero Habits #4-7 will help you understand the core drivers of each of the four basic personality styles. You and I are a unique combination of all four styles, but we have tendencies toward one or two. Today we’ll focus on people who are competitive, demanding, determined and urgent. They want to get things done and they usually communicate in a very objective and task focused manner. To some it may appear that they don’t care about people or relationships, but that’s not true.

There is a hero and villain side to each personality and when you overuse your strengths or you suffer from the villainous triggers: being hungry, angry, lonely, tired or stressed, your villain can start to take control and you might say and do things that you don’t intend. Awareness is key to remain the hero and not to slip into the being the villain…

Let’s learn more about this hero… These heroes are controlling and urgent. They love to win and then want to deliver results. They are proactive and have a huge sense of urgency. They are the pace setters for the team and tend to ‘talk to think’ through their ideas. They are courageous! They say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done, but when they succumb to the stress, illness or just overuse their strengths, they shift from being the hero, ‘Captain Courageous’, and shift into being the villain ‘The Storm’ who is an uncompromising steamroller who hates distractions and delays and who wants TOTAL CONTROL!!!

The Storm and Captain Courageous share the same objective and go about it achieving it differently. To understand them, you need to know their Hero Habit: “BE ALL IN”, but while Captain Courageous is “All In” for good, The Storm becomes “All In” to win and his/her communication becomes, blunt, direct and to-the-point!

These people feel a huge sense of achievement from getting things done and they dislike distractions, complications and delays.

Want to know what makes them tick? Here’s a quick summary:

Captain Courageous is Controlling and Urgent

Hero Traits:  Competitive, Assertive, Achieving, and Direct

Decision-Making:  Assertive and Quick

Communication:  To-the-Point with Few Words

Leadership:  Confident and Action Oriented

Approach to Change:  Positive and Swift

Best Environment:  Needs a challenge and variety


Pet Peeves:  Incompetence and/or Waiting

Worst Environment:  Indecision and Slow-Downs

Under Pressure:  Short-Tempered Steam-Roller

When I was a little boy, my Uncle Carl told me that we have two people who do battle inside of us each day: one is s hero and one is a villain. I’ve learned that when we understand what we stand for and how we are wired, we can begin the journey to be more like our hero and less like our inner villain…

Join us next episode where I’ll share the opposite style to Captain Courageous and reveal the innermost thoughts of this hero. If you would like to see pictures of these heroes and villains or learn more about each one, visit  Until then… Be the Hero!!!

Michael Hahn is a leadership speaker and culture expert who consults with senior leaders seeking to maximize organizational culture and employee engagement. His clients include Allstate Insurance, Advanced Resources, and CareerBuilder. He is the author of “Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life," and you can reach him at 630-220-9628 or

Ready to BE THE HERO? For more information on Hero Habits, please visit or see you next edition where I’ll highlight another Hero Habit #5:  BE HERE.

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