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Board of Director Nominations




Dear MPI D/FW Chapter Members:

The MPI D/FW Chapter gives you opportunities to advance, grow, and lead in ways that will be of benefit both personally and professionally. Annually we follow a process to select a leadership team and applications for the 2025 MPI D/FW Chapter Board of Directors are now open. Serving on the MPI D/FW Board allows you to apply your skills and build relationships, so consider applying today.

The selection process starts when you complete your application. The 2025 Board Selection Committee is responsible for submitting a slate of candidates for the positions available. Applications for these positions will be in accordance with the MPI D/FW Chapter Bylaws. Any Premier or Preferred member in good standing whose primary affiliation is with the MPI D/FW Chapter is eligible to apply and be elected to these positions.

Your interest form should include the skills and talents you can bring to the board, any past involvement with the chapter, recognition of the time commitment involved in a leadership role and a declaration of your employer's support. If you believe a colleague has great leadership skills, please encourage him or her to submit a completed Candidate Interest Form.

Each leader has followed a different leadership path to their current position and the board selection committee reviews all qualifications for each applicant.

The recommendations to serve are as follows:
• The ideal candidate should have actively served on at least one committee and served in a leadership position within MPI D/FW or another industry association.
• To serve as a Vice President, the ideal candidate should have one year of Board service with the D/FW Chapter.

Mandatory responsibilities of being on the Board:
• Attend a minimum of 10 out of 12 Board Meetings – usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month
• Attend two Board Retreats held in April/May and November/December

• Attend Board Transition Trainings held in the Fall of 2024
• Attend all other MPI D/FW events to the best of your ability

Benefits of serving on the Board:
• Recognition as a leader of one of the largest MPI chapters in the world
• Increased exposure in front of over 400 members for you and your company
• Improved ability to directly impact your industry and local community
• Opportunity to build long lasting relationships with other leaders

• Increased self-confidence and executive presence

Items to Note:
• All Board members take their positions on January 1, 2025

• All positions are a 1-year term
• A Vice President may only hold the same office for 2 consecutive years

Candidate Interest Forms must be received on or before Friday, May 31, 2024.



The Candidate Interest Form is only to identify your interest to serve on the Board and is not a confirmation of your nomination. All forms will be reviewed and verified. Qualified applicants will be advised of the interview schedule.

Please complete the Candidate Interest Form and email to: Sandra Dyeak at immedpastpresident@mpidfw.org

In the interim, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at immedpastpresident@mpidfw.org or phone at (832) 338-9420.

CANDIDATE INTERVIEWS: The Board Selection Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 to conduct interviews.  Please make plans to be available on that day to meet with the committee. 

MPI DFW Chapter’s continuing and future success depends on the quality of its leaders and is the responsibility of every chapter member.


All my best,


Sandra Dyeak, CMP 
MPI DFW Immediate Past President
Board Selection Committee Chair 

(832) 338-9420