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July 2017 - Membership Benefits – You Only Get What You Put Into it

By: MPI Georgia | Jul 2, 2017

stephen_sullivanStephen Sullivanepicenter_logo
General Manager
Riverside EpiCenter

Member since 2013

Membership Benefits – You Only Get What You Put Into it

Not everyone knows the benefits or how to get the most out of an organization like MPI Georgia. How can you? 

 First you have to join. Every meeting or ancillary professional should belong to MPI and their local chapter.

Our chapter, like most associations, has different rate and payment plans available. I found myself several years ago without the support of employment, and they worked with me to make it affordable. This offered a great way to find my next position. MPI Georgia provides career postings, and the ability to network for your next great job.

You only get what you put into it so do more than just join – Connect. The best way to start is to volunteer on a committee. What are your passions and skill sets? What do you want to learn? This is a great way to develop your personal and professional skills along with networking. Serving on a committee provides an opportunity to have a network which you can use as a sounding board... or even your personal advisory panel.

Attend meetings. MPI is a great place to meet other professionals and create your network. It gives you access to industry leaders and continuing education (CE) programs. The monthly programs and special events allow you to stay in touch and even let off some steam. Learn best practices and new trends or skills. Be part of the bigger picture. 

Be active. Once you know the lay of the land and have volunteered, consider pursuing a board position. Even if you are not selected, you will gain confidence, credibility, and visibility along with pushing you out of your comfort zone. This is also great for both your resume and in the workplace.

You only get what you put into it. Again the mantra for most is “I just don’t have the time.” It takes time to grow and develop anything of value. This means getting involved. Talk to a senior member or committee chair to start or rekindle your journey.

Stephen is currently the General Manager of the Riverside EpiCenter and Director of Curriculum for the 2016-2017 Board of MPI Georgia. His passions are food, fun, and fitness. 

Submitted by:
Megan_PerksMegan Perks, CMP, CMM
Independent Planner
Palm House Group
Member since: 2003



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