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September 2017 - Brittany Hinger

By: MPI Georgia | Sep 3, 2017

Brittany_HingerBrittany Hinger
Event Coordinator
Monalto Corporate Events
Member since: 2015



Tell us about your current and past involvement with MPI Georgia.

I jumped in with both feet from the get go and signed on to co-chair the 2016 Phoenix Awards even before securing my membership – I didn’t even know what the Phoenix Awards were, but I knew I wanted to get involved! Obviously to volunteer, I had to confirm my membership and I haven’t looked back.  From the 2016 Phoenix Awards, I agreed to Chair the 2017 Phoenix Awards solo. I was addicted – hah! The members I had met during my first year were so incredibly influential and started to encourage me to move my talents to the Board level. I never would have been so confident in making such large strides in my volunteerism without the efforts and support from those around me. It was honestly inspiring and motivating knowing all these people with such vast and powerful backgrounds thought so highly of little ol' me! But that’s what I’ve seen MPI members do for one another – they show you open doors you sometimes overlook yourself.

How has serving on the board affected your career?

Being a part of the MPI Georgia Board has brought more awareness to new sides and types of events than I normally work on. Professionally, we continuously work similar events – just different locations, demands, etc – but all coming down to the same core for the most part. With MPI, I have the ability to expand my knowledge and get a bit outside my comfort zone. I can then bring those new eyes to my working clients and have a constantly changing perspective.

I know you love leading a healthy lifestyle by staying fit. What’s something that you want to share about your fitness lifestyle?

I think you cannot let any form of fitness intimidate you. Your body is capable of things you can’t even comprehend and we are made to move! Fitness to me involves 3 key parts – Diet, Exercise, and Recovery. If you are not taking care of your body in all of these areas, you will get hurt, burn out, not see results, etc.

What you eat is SO important as that is the fuel to your engine! Keeping in mind of course, that balance is just as critical as eating healthy. I will not let what I eat make me that difficult friend to meet for dinner or ice cream! There is ALWAYS a heathiest option while deciding what to eat and 90% of the time, I’m going to choose that. That other 10% will be the times I indulge a bit.

Exercise is just a necessity for your body, mind, and soul. My world can be overwhelming or stressful, but when I walk into my gym (shout out to Crossfit404!), it is a space where I have COMPLETE control and can maximize my efforts and ability to leave feeling restored mentally and physically. There was a time when I was tolerable of doing the minimum work while getting minimal results because I was intimidated by what I saw at the next level (in this case, CrossFit for me). My fear stopped me from even exploring passed what I knew. However, once I was pushed into it, I realized we are all capable of that next level. We may each work at different speeds and expectations, but every movement is scalable and we are all capable of high intensity output for that healthier lifestyle! We all start from somewhere!

Finally, when I say recovery is key – I truly mean it. You need to take care of your body – working on your range of motion, your flexibility, hydrating and sleeping adequately, as well as post workout treatments (foam rollers, lacrosse balls). Warming up and cooling down are just as important as what comes in between. Your body needs and deserves to be treated like your most valuable asset. Don’t skimp on the time with it!

As a busy event planner, what do you do to stay healthy and fit while on the road?

I think one of the key things to remember while on the road is to always be aware of what you eat. I know as well as any planner, that to try and get in an even 30 min workout, may not seem plausible – especially after a full day of running ragged , sleep may be more important to your body’s needs! But do not flex on your diet. When I’m on the road for work – I always look to eat the healthiest option. I will seek it out. Your body will feel a lot better at least eating right if you can’t get any physical work in. I also do a lot of hotel focused training – even high intensity for 10 minutes can do wonders. This would be things you don’t need a gym for; air squats, sit-ups, pushups, running. You can create some pretty powerful mini workouts with just these!

How many trips do you generally take, annually?

Generally, I am gone about twice a month, for a little less than a week each time. That’s a lot of time away from my routine!

Anything else you want to share?

We get so caught up in work and family, that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves or we don’t find the time to do so. And to me, that’s like ignoring the foundation of a house and only focusing on all the rooms that make it up. Be aware of what you eat, set goals to achieve new physical limits, and make your body a number one priority. Remember that your goals are yours and yours alone and should not be stacked up against someone else’s – no goal is too small if it leads you to a better you. When you take the best care of yourself, it sets you up to better care for all other people and aspects of your life. 

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Chris_Bonnett,_CHIA,_CMPChris Bonnett, CHIA, CMPOmnience_Logo (1)
Registration Services Agent
Member since: 2012



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