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October 2017 - Why Lead?

By: MPI Georgia | Oct 1, 2017

heather_herrig_smallHeather Herrig, CMP
Owner & President, Every Last Detail
MPI Georgia Vice President, Finance
Member since: 2005


Why lead?

It’s the key question, right? And each leader who has taken up the call will have a different answer. To make a difference. To be a part of something bigger. To have an impact. To mentor others. To grow in their career. To network on a different level.

Any member of an organization has considered leadership. You can’t help but watch the president at the lectern making announcements, or a committee chair describing an upcoming chapter initiative without some self-reflection. Could I do that?

It’s then that we start to ask the “why lead?” The could I, shifts into would I. At that time, the questions become a bit different. Would I have enough time? Would I be good enough? Would I have anything to offer? Would I fit in?

The good news is, we can all be leaders.

Leadership should not be intimidating; it should be empowering. Leadership can mean joining the Board and filling the president’s seat one day. But keep in mind it also covers any opportunity where you offer your expertise, talents, or time to move this organization forward. We can lead by example, by influence, or by formal position. Each of us has something to offer; never doubt that.

Should you lead? Yes.

MPI Georgia thrives because members, like you, said yes to this question. We should want everything noted in the first paragraph above – impact, career development, and influence. We should seek opportunities to offer something. We all know that’s a bit of an oversimplification. These questions – and answers – are very individual.

Here’s my challenge: If you are considering leadership within MPI Georgia, reach out to me or any other member of the Board, and we will help you answer these questions.

Our chapter leaders and I have seen the impact and benefit of leadership within our own careers and lives, so we can offer specific examples. We’ve seen what can happen to the organization when we engage with members, share our perspectives, and demonstrate our experience. It’s not that we had more to give, or were better equipped… We just said, “Yes.”

Could you? Would you? Should you? What will your answer be?



MPI Georgia

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