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January 2020- Volunteer to Serve on a Committee

By: MPI Georgia | Jan 7, 2020

 Schroeder, Karen      Karen Schroeder
Regional Sales Manager
Barnsley Resort
Chapter Membership Director
 Barnsley_Resort_Logo_Brown_HR (current at of 10.8.18)

Want to make the most of your MPI Georgia Membership this year? Volunteer to serve on a committee!

MPI Georgia needs volunteers in order to be successful. Contribute your talents, experience, knowledge and creativity by serving on one of our committees. Working together, we can do great things and YOU will benefit, as well!

There are many advantages to volunteer work.  It can enhance your skills and provide new ones, which can help you accomplish your career goals.  It gives you the opportunity to make new friends and expand your network.  The personal satisfaction that comes from helping others can have a positive effect on your well-being, and can help reduce stress and anxiety.  It can also increase your self-confidence as you successfully take on new challenges. Importantly, it connects you to other professionals in our chapter which could be beneficial to your professional goals.  Some of the skills that can be developed to enhance your career are problem solving, event planning, communication, team-work and computer applications.

The best way to determine your ideal volunteer role is to match your personality and interests. The opportunities that match your goals are most likely to be fun and rewarding, so ask yourself:
- What do I enjoy doing?
- What works best for me in terms of time and location? (Serving remotely from home or work, or meeting in person?)
- Am I better behind the scenes, or do I prefer a more visible role?
- How much time commitment is expected?
- What are my skills?
- What new skills do I want to learn or grow?

Volunteer work doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment. For example, our Communications Committee is made up of volunteers who write a monthly newsletter, update our social media or update our App. Many roles only require 1-2 hours per month and could be done remotely at your leisure.  

Our Membership Activation Committee Chair, Jeff Holland, can guide you to the roles that would fit you best. Please contact him at to find which opportunities will make the best use for your talents, or feel free to contact our Membership Director, Karen Schroeder, at or 404-432-1892.

You can help us make 2020 our best year yet.  We look forward to serving with you!



MPI Georgia

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