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January 2021- Sharon Collins, CMP, CMM, DES

By: MPI Georgia | Jan 13, 2021

 Collins, Sharon3 - 2020   Sharon Collins, CMP, CMM, DES

President- Elect 
MPI Georgia Chapter

An Article About Nothing

With all of the articles, posts and information published during the last year, how can we think about other things that hover just above our consciousness and seem as if they are nothing in comparison to everything else going on. Jerry Seinfeld has a successful career talking about nothing, but the “nothings” are really something and can drive you crazy.  Especially the ones that sideline your productivity, let alone your focus, until you figure out how the heck to get something done. Let’s look at some things that seem to be nothing since the last ReConnect publication that could be scripted as Seinfeld episodes.

Week 1 Episode: Switching Email Services from Outlook to Gmail. One would think email platforms, including calendar and tasks features, would be similar. Not the case. Trying to figure out how to stop the auto archiving, grouping of message responses and creating “labels” vs. “subfolders” without tech support can be maddening. You can only search for so long and so many times and still not find the magic (simple) answer without wanting to throw the computer out the window. Managing emails has taken on a whole new context that makes me want to bring back the fax machine.

Week 2 Episode: Tracking USPS Packages. Who does not like free shipping? Well, it seems to come at a different price, trying to find a package amidst the chaos of more online ordering than we have ever seen in the past.  

  • First step, track online. Nope, that doesn’t work since the USPS site is overwhelmed. It just says package not found.

    • Does that mean the package is lost?

    • Or is the tracking number wrong?

    • Or has it just not been picked up from the vendor? (Even though the text message indicates the package was shipped and in route)

  • Second step, go to the post office. Wait, where is the post office? Once you find your local post office, then there’s the pleasure of standing in line for hours only to find out that they can’t help you find it and advise you to check with the company that shipped the package. This reminded me of when I wanted to go out with friends and my Mother told me to check with my Father and then my Father told me to check with my Mother…you get it, right?

Week 3 Episode: Setting a New Year’s Resolution. Although most New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first few weeks or within the first month, setting one or two is tradition. But how do you set resolutions when the gym is closed and you realize comfort eating makes everything better? OK, you want to take up a new hobby, but how easy is that with social distancing practices?  Ideally, spend more time with friends and family.  Not possible since we want everyone to stay safe and healthy.  Therefore, to set a 2021 New Year’s resolution, it will take creativity, resolve, determination and patience, just like we’ve been doing since 2020. But don’t worry, you’ll still able to “break” any resolutions!

So here we are to the week of ReConnect’s publication, and we’re still figuring out how what seems to be nothing always turns into something … not that there's anything wrong with that!



MPI Georgia

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