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April 2021- Maria Trammell

By: MPI Georgia | Apr 12, 2021

 Trammell, Maria 2        Maria Trammell

Director - Communications
MPI Georgia Chapter

Being a Leader and Work-Life Balance…What is that?

You are all leaders in the meetings and events industry, or you wouldn’t be receiving this monthly newsletter. As a leader, ever feel like achieving work-life balance is like walking a tightrope? As we come out of a time in our lives where a pandemic made us slow down and even STOP the hamster wheel, consider keeping some of those slower moments of “the big reset” front and center. As we inch back to our new normal, find a way to not view work as work and play as play. Make them the same thing. Life is too short to waste your time doing things that don’t get you fired up!

In some way, we are all reinventing our leadership roles and rebuilding our careers. As you do this, incorporate some fun and passion into your everyday work and incorporate work into your everyday fun and passion. The best business or leisure ideas can spring from the most unexpected places. Alongside the meetings, appointments, and emails, take time to be you. Enjoy a cup of tea, take a walk, hold your baby, and go smell the spring flowers. Remember to prioritize you and the things you care about the most.  Intentionally incorporate quality of life into your days.

In the words of James Kouzes and Barry Posner on leadership, “Leaders are in love with the people who do the work, with what their organizations practice, and with their customers.” If you don’t love yourself – or feel loved – then it is hard to be an effective leader. Take time to smell the roses.

I’m going to try it and hope to be happier, more engaged in the moment and productive in my work and life balance. Excuse me while I go brew a cup of tea with my favorite orange blossom honey….



MPI Georgia

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