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October 2020- Brad Gibson

By: MPI Georgia | Oct 13, 2020

 Gibson, Brad   Brad Gibson
Active Production and Design

Director- Education 
MPI Georgia Chapter

Let’s be perfectly honest: 2020 has not been kind. Our industry has suffered insurmountable losses and obstacles. We’ve faced uncertainty and desperately grasped for a sense of normalcy. Despite this roller coaster, there has been one constant: The support of meeting and event industry friends and colleagues. Determination and resilience have shown itself in ways I could never imagine. And it has been led through my MPI Georgia Board.

Throughout my career, I have been a planner, a venue, and currently a supplier. I am fortunate to see the industry through these lenses simultaneously. But my values have been steady through every endeavor. I have always firmly believed in relationship-driven business, connection, integrity, and dignity. All easy buzzwords to throw around, but to see them in action is awe-inspiring. I watch weekly as my MPI Georgia team utilizes these values for the betterment of our industry. When we rise above the challenges of 2020, this foundation we are currently laying during these trying months will show that we were shaken, but we didn’t break.

I look forward to what the future holds for all those involved with MPI Georgia and the Meetings and Events Industry. Because I know we’re watching, we’re learning, and we’re growing. The fruit this year will bear has yet to fully be seen, but I can guarantee it will be something very special.



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