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November 2020- Maria Trammell

By: MPI Georgia | Nov 10, 2020

 maria   Maria Trammell
Jekyll Island Authority

Director- Communications 
MPI Georgia Chapter

The fact that I’m writing a Leadership Corner is an unlikely occurrence. This girl – not a born leader – I am a leader wanna be!  

After 21 years of being a stay at home Mom of 5, life tossed a curve ball. I had to go back to work. A wonderful MPI Georgia leader, Ginny Izydore, took a chance and hired me.  The best my resume bio had for her was that I was a most dependable car pool Mom.  Oh, the fun we have had! Ginny is now one of my most cherished friends.

Ten years later, here I am in an industry that I love with people who trusted me to be a leader.  I am humbled to be in a  leadership role with these consummate professionals.  It has been one of the best learning experiences of my life.

Why share this story? This industry is all about re-inventing. Every event needs to be re-invented to make it more engaging to the attendee, right? Many of you are having to re-invent yourselves. Maybe that has been good. Maybe it has been like my transition 10 years ago,  the most challenging moment of your life. Hit the fast ball and make a home run!

Your board and friends at MPI Georgia are here to help you reach your goals. This is a supportive group of professionals who truly cares about the membership. Reach out if you need it.  This car pool Mom did. In the good times and the challenging times, it has been a gift to be a part of MPI Georgia and the meetings industry.



MPI Georgia

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