Top Performing Chapter Award
October 22, 2019
October After 5
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Top Performing Chapter Award



Board of Directors


Mark Benson, CMP
Stacey Engelmann, CMP, DMCP
Immediate Past President
Sarah Soliman Daudin
President – Elect
David Buckalew, CMP
Vice President - Education
Dieter Burgoa, CMP
Vice President – Finance
Jennifer Corso
VP - Marketing & Communications
Jenna Fox
Vice President - Membership
Brandi Tice, CMP
Vice President- Special Events

Heather Hartland, CMP, CMM
Director - Leadership Development
Nicole Alley, CMP
Director - Education
Emily Reed
Director - Marketing
Jo Truett
Director - Member Engagement
Rob O'Brien
Director - Member Recruitment
Gabriela McNeil, CMP
Director - Special Events
Libby Anderson, CMP
Director - Strategic Partnerships
Ilde Salazar
Director - Venue Procurement

Nicole Unger, CMP
Director of Chapter Collaboration
Xiomara Rivas
Chapter Administrator
Holly Dotson, CMP
Director-Chapter Program Development

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