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Honorable Mention Chapter Award



Community Outreach


Tangelo Park Program

Tangelo Park Program

The Tangelo Park Program, Inc. (TPP) is a community-based initiative that promotes civic commitment by private, public, and community organizations. With the financial backing of Harris Rosen, of Rosen Hotels and Resorts, the program has the collaborative support of four Tangelo community organizations: Tangelo Park, Elementary School, the Tangelo Park YMCA, the Tangelo Baptist Church and the Tangelo Park Civic Association. The Tangelo Park Program Advisory Board addresses Tangelo Park’s educational, social, and economic interests.

Tangelo Park is a model community that assures quality childcare programs, parent effectiveness training, and post-secondary education or training opportunities at no cost to the community. All funding goes to the program with no need for salaries, materials, or other costs. All participants give freely of their time and expertise and monthly meetings operate with a shared decision model.

Past Community Partners we have worked with over the year include:

Operation Ziploc, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, A Gift for Teaching and Pet Rescue by Judy

We thank our members for their continued support within our community!


Children's Home Society of Florida

Children’s Home Society of Florida

Children’s Home Society of Florida was established in Jacksonville on November 17, 1902. With a staff of two, we found homes for 21 children our initial year, operating with a budget of $400. 

With a national reputation, Children’s Home Society of Florida was instrumental in creating legislation to protect children’s rights. After playing an integral role in enacting Child Labor Laws, we drafted the Compulsory Education Law and rallied for the creation of the State Welfare Board and the agency that would become the Department of Children and Families.

As we continue to respond to evolving social needs, our services expand with each decade. Our initial single-room office in Jacksonville has expanded into 15 divisions throughout the state, headquartered in Winter Park, with more than 1,800 employees. Last year alone, we helped more than 90,000 kids and family members.


  • Nearly 100% of families that complete our programs remain abuse-free
  • More than 400 foster families are ready to open hearts and homes to c children
  • More than 800 children find families through adoption each year
  • More than 50,000 children and family members find hope, healing and opportunity every year


Clean the World Logo

Clean the World


Clean the World was founded in 2009 by Shawn Seipler. As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an e-commerce technology company, Shawn traveled several days a week. The idea for soap recycling came about after Shawn learned the barely used bars of hotel soap he left behind each morning ended up in a landfill. That led to Clean the World, a Florida not-for-profit corporation under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Clean the World has a two-part mission:

  • Collect and recycle soap and hygiene products discarded every day by the hospitality industry and other sectors that generate environmental waste.
  • Through the distribution of these and other donated products to impoverished people, prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths each year, reduce the morbidity rate for hygiene-related illnesses, and encourage vigorous childhood development.


We implement our mission through:

  • Collecting, sorting and processing discarded soap, shampoo conditioner and lotion product donations from participating hospitality partners.
  • Collection of donated hygiene products from manufacturers.
  • Recycling these product donations at facilities in Orlando, Fla., Las Vegas, and Hong Kong.
  • Delivering these recycled product donations to domestic homeless shelters and developing countries suffering from high death rates due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease.


Clean the World receives support from a variety of partners, including hotel companies, corporations outside the hospitality industry, service organizations, trade groups, and individual supporters. These partners contribute in four ways:

  • Hotel recycling program fees
  • Direct cash donations
  • Grants
  • Gift-in-kind donations

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