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2025 MPI Gulf States Board Slate

To our wonderful MPI Gulf States Chapter members & community, please welcome our new board of directors for the 2025 term.
This incredible group of leaders is taking on a great responsibility during a time when our industry needs them the most. We admire their strength and courage to step up during these difficult times and we are grateful for your service.

Please be aware that as a member in good standing you have the right to review and challenge the slate of directors as indicated in the chapter bylaws. If positions remain uncontested the slate of officers will be considered approved by unanimous vote after 30 days.

Yvonne Collazo1.1.25 - 12.31.25
President ElectTony Leggio1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Immediate Past PresidentTammy Syock1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Vice President FinanceSarah Wexler1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Vice President MembershipJessica Sigur1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Vice President CommunicationsLauren Langenstein1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Vice President EducationJonni Adams1.1.25 - 12.31.25

Director of EducationGabby Glass1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of Special EventsMichelle Daigle1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of Strategic PartnershipsGrace Kovach1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of MembershipAshley McCoy1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of CommunicationNeely Umansky1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of Leadership DevelopmentJenny Rozas1.1.25 - 12.31.25
Director of Capital DevelopmentVera Faucheux1.1.25 - 12.31.25

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