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August 26, 2020
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Top Performing Chapter Award



MPI Heartland Member Spotlight


otten headshot

Bridget Otten

American Rental Association

Director, Meetings & Events

MPI Member Since: April 2019



How long have you been in the meetings / hospitality industry?
11 years

How can you see MPI helping in the support and growth of your career?
As many opportunities as we have for professional development and career advancement courses, I gain the most insights from peer to peer networking.  

Have you done business with any MPI members, locally or nationally?
I have nationally so I found it could be very beneficial if I was able to find a local chapter to capitalize on getting involved with.  

What three tips can you share with others in our industry? 
Continue to look for continuing education even in those fields you think you are proficient.  When traveling, I always take a few industry magazines for the flight and I always walk away with a destination or new meeting trend I want to explore.  In negotiating and contracting events in the hospitality industry, I always leverage the power behind the quantity of meetings and events we book as an association with a certain brand by submitting all of my RFP’s through my national representative.

What is your dream vacation spot?

What do you do in your spare time?
Single mom of 2 very active boys who help to ensure I never have a spare moment.

Any hidden talents?
I wish!

Fun facts about yourself?
I’m a shoe person.  You will rarely see in me in shoes less than 3” on any given day of the week!



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