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By: MPI Iberian Chapter | nov. 19, 2021

Not one less. MPI Iberian Chapter says NO
On November 25, the world day against gender violence is celebrated.

Date on which the anniversary of the death of the "butterflies" is commemorated. Three sisters, Dominican activists who rose up against the dictatorial regime that prevailed in their country in 1960.

Discrimination against women and gender violence is a problem that crosses borders and is unfortunately present in most countries and cultures.

As representatives of an industry as transversal as ours, also made up of more than 80% women, we must join all possible initiatives to make visible, report and provide solutions to gender violence.

This is a day in which we remember our colleague from the industry Lucia, murdered at the hands of her partner in May of this year, as well as each of the women affected by this type of violence. And, on behalf of each of us who make up the Board of Directors of MPI Iberian Chapter, we send all the strength and the utmost affection for the families of each "butterfly".

From MPI Iberian Chapter we say NO to gender violence and remember that if you are in a delicate situation, ask for help, call 016, tell your close circle, or make the gesture of universal help for victims of gender violence.

The women and men of this industry are not going to stop until any type of gender abuse is ended, the aggressors are condemned and all possible help and support be made available to the victims and as an example, next day 11/25/2021 MPI Iberian Chapter will launch an action #WOMENLIFESMATTER We invite you ALL to be part of this movement.

  1. Record a video of less than 10 seconds shaking your head (and if you want with the SOS gesture)
  2. Upload it to your profile on social networks with #WOMENLIFESMATTER and remember to follow us and mention us (here you will see our profiles) https://www.mpi.org/chapters/iberian/our-capitulo/contacto
  3. Share with colleagues in the industry, with family, with friends ... spread the word because they deserve all our support.

Let us show them that they ARE NOT ALONE!


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