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Christine Robinett Headshot

Member Spotlight: Christine Robinett


Belterra Casino Resort 

Other than improving your Zoom meeting skills, what have you learned (or learned to excel in professionally) since March of 2020?

I have learned to be more diligent in the multiple Zoom type platforms.

Who are you outside of work?

I am wife (30 years) & mother of two grown adults (Casey 28 & Tyler 26).  I love to cook and host dinners for friends and family.  When the weather is somewhat decent, I love to work in the yard or sit on deck and read.

Name a silver lining in your own work experience since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

I learned that I am valued more than I ever thought.  Being able to return to work after being furloughed for two month.  I was feeding my organization with information  on strategies and ideas from my MPI experiences and my State of the industry events that I attended on a regular bases event during being furloughed.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment to date?

Being a real friend to so many hospitality people during Covid19.  We were all so scared and needed some friendly voices during this time.  

What MPI resources have you used to help you cope in 2020?

My church stated 8:30AM worship on FB and that brought be a huge amount of peace.  Also, seeing everyone’s face on the weekly 2020 MPI Zoom calls was HUGE for me.    Also attended bi-weekly state of the industry calls with others as well. ISAE had some weekly calls as well for the women in association. A few MPI friends started a weekly Sh** Show since April of last year and is still going strong. 

In the last 6 months, have you been impacted by any Supply Chain Shortage when visiting (or ordering on-line) your grocery store?  TP doesn’t count!

Yes, of course.  Cleaning products were a problem for me.  I am a clean freak.  On a serious note, I was fine.

What is the greatest place you have ever visited?

Hawaii Lanikai Beach, Cancun Beaches, Eagle Beach Aruba.  I have a love affair for water and waves..

Something people don’t know about you:

I saved a homeless woman’s life in October of 2020.  It was very scary and surreal.  She was in dire need for help.  She is officially rejoined with her family after being missing for 4 years.  I found her daughter on Facebook so that helped get things going.

By: Hannah Richter | May 28, 2021

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