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Member Spotlight: Taylor Melangton

Organization: Visit Indy
Connect on LinkedIN:Taylor Melangton

Other than improving your Zoom Meeting skills, what have you learned (or learned to excel in professionally) since COVID-19 began? 
I have mastered the art of pivoting. Obviously, in events, we all need to know how to pivot. But typically, when you need to pivot, it’s not always last-minute. However, during COVID, I was challenge with learning how to pivot in a moment’s notice and how to think creatively in order to see my events succeed given the circumstances. 

Who are you outside of work?
I am a wife, a woman of my faith, and a dog mom who loves to spend time with loved ones and friends. 

Name a silver lining in your own work experience since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
I have grown professionally quicker than I would have if the pandemic never happened. The pandemic has challenged me in ways that I didn’t think were possible, requiring me to learn and grow in those, sometimes, uncomfortable situations. 

What is your proudest professional accomplishment to date?
My proudest professional accomplishment is being one of seven full-time employees who hosted the 2022 College Football Playoff in Indianapolis. 

What are some of your favorite things about being an MPI member?
I love the networking opportunities and the chance to learn from other people’s experiences. 

When do you plan to go on your next vacation and where do you want to go?
I am actually going on vacation next week! We are headed to Mexico! 

What is the greatest place you have ever visited? 
Xiamen, China – a beautiful city where I was able to learn more about my heritage.  

Something people don’t know about you:
Most people in this industry do not know that I have an Studio Art background. 

By: Christina Kane | Jun 16, 2022

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