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Ghosted By the Caterer

By: Jodie R. Daugherty, CMP | May 28, 2019

Earlier this year, the firm was hosting a luncheon for 80 women. I had placed the lunch order with the caterer a month in advance, and we talked four days prior to the event to finalize the headcount and menu. I always tell caterers to be set and ready 30 minutes before registration starts as it gives a little leeway.

The day of the luncheon, I had expected the caterer to arrive around 10:45 to be set and ready by 11:15. At 11:00 I started to get a little concerned as no one had arrived, and I had not heard from her, so I started calling. I called nine times between 11:00 and 11:30 with no response. At 11:45 I called again and told her not to come. By now I have 80 women staring at me wondering where there lunch was.

At 11:50 I called Jimmy Johns, who definitely lived up to their "freaky fast" mantra as I had 80 sandwiches, bags of chips and cookies by 12:30 so the women could finally eat.

At 12:45 the caterer called to tell me she had been involved in a car accident on her way to our office and her phone had flown across the van. She was trapped and could not reach it. I felt awful but knew I had done the right thing as I still needed to feed those 80 women.



Jodie R. Daugherty, CMP
Marketing Services Manager at Barnes & Thornburg LLP


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