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April 27, 2021
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Wake Up with MPI

February 18, 2021
9:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Why do New Year’s Resolutions fail? Often times, there is a desire to accomplish or change something, but a lack of motivation or a lack of a clear path to making it happen. It's also possible that we're setting the wrong goals entirely, which might lead to discouragement and ultimately, failure. We want to help meeting professionals succeed at what's most important to them in 2021 with our Year In Review and Goal Setting sessions! 

First, we'll take a look at 2020 during a Year in Review. While we could have never predicted the events of last year, there is plenty to reflect on. Did we continue to work towards the goals we initially set? Did we "pivot" and set entirely new goals, or did we give up all together? The first part of this session will help participants understand their evolving relationship with the goals they set, which will help them get clear about setting 2021 goals that will stick no matter what this year has in store for us.

 In this interactive program, participants will learn and discuss:

  1. How do my professional and personal goals reflect my values?
  2. What are the best steps to adjust, accept closure, and move your plan forward when the world changes?
  3. How do I set authentic goals with a clear path towards accomplishment?
In addition, we're excited to announce that this program is being delivered with our partners from MPI Wisconsin. They bring a lot of great ideas, energy and introduced us to an exciting new platform for facilitating digital events (It's called Remo and it's amazing) that we'll be using for the program!

9:00 am    Networking
9:30 am    Welcome and Chapter Announcements
9:40 am    2020 Review / Why goals fail
10:10 am  2021 Goal Setting
11:10 am  Wrap Up
11:15 am  Optional Yoga Flow (30 min)

Smiling yoga instructor kneeling on mat in front of wall with banner reading "Give Presence"

Presenter:  Shannon Brasovan, Practice Indie Yoga

Shannon started practicing yoga after she failed out of Modern dance class in college and was forced to find another class. True story. From the moment she stepped into a yoga studio she knew she was drawn to being barefoot, wearing no underwear and smelling like patchouli.

Shannon received her ERYT200 hour at City Yoga with Nikki Meyers and Marsha Pappas, and her RYT300 hour with Noah Maze. She has apprenticed under Sara Strother, fallen on her face MANY times with Carmen Aguilar and did half of a 300 hour at Moksha Yoga in Chicago with Daren Friesen. Shannon is currently in Noah Maze’s certification program and will forever be a lifelong student of yoga.

Shannon’s style is super playful coupled with deeply philosophical. She emphasizes the importance of understanding your own anatomy and pays particular attention to alignment. With a dancer background, her practice is typically a little more rigorous and follows a vinyasa/ hatha tradition. Shannon’s personal mantras are “you do you” and “you are enough”, always encouraging the student to be their very best teacher. It is her goal to weave the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga together in each class so be prepared to touch base with all 3. If you don’t like the hippie dippie sh*t, well… you have been warned :). Namaste y’all!

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