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Message from the Chapter President


Hi everyone!

And we’re off!  To start the year, I need to say first how humbled I am to have been nominated and chosen to serve as President of MPIKC’s Board of Directors for the 2021-22 year!  This community has become so important to me over the past few years and I feel privileged to be able to serve each of you in the coming year.

I won’t spend time focusing on all that’s been lost or how we’ve been affected in the last fifteen months. As Ulysses S. Grant once said, “there is no backwards, there is only forward and the future”. And while it is important that we understand that things have changed and that we have all changed in our own ways, it is also freeing when you consider change and all the possibility that brings. To realize all of that new potential, one must have a strong community to support them, and that is what I believe has brought us all to now… COMMUNITY.

Supporting and being there for each other… providing resources in the form of education, networking, scholarships, professional development, or just a drink with friendly faces at the end of a long week… that is what this year is all about! Meeting each of you where you are and discovering how we can support you in where you want to go. If there is one thing I learned in spades over the course of the pandemic and quarantine, it is that I NEED my community and I LOVE my community. I am better because of all of YOU! So, to all of you, I want to make this year about returning the favor. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, wherever it is you want to go professionally, know that this year is all about supporting your effort to accomplish your goals!

But I have an ask as well. No community runs on the efforts of a few. I’m incredibly fortunate to have an exceptional Board of Directors, and the plans we have put together for the coming year are going to make all of you proud; but it takes all of YOU to make this community what we all want it to be. The beauty of community is in the sum of all of its parts. So my ask is to consider what you can give of yourself to make this community the best of what you hope for. Get involved on a committee, volunteer to work on an educational event, make member care calls, etc. If we are all motivated in that spirit, knowing that the difference between some effort and no effort truly makes ALL the difference; the possibilities of what we can accomplish together gives me a lot of hope and gratitude for what the future has in store for all of us.

So that’s my ask everyone! Give just a little more of yourself than you did before to make your community better. I promise that for every one minute of work you are putting in to make this community all it can be, your efforts will be rewarded multiple times over. I’m thankful for all of you, I celebrate you, and I’m looking forward to the community we will continue to grow together in the coming year!

John Kirby

Chapter President

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