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Message from the Chapter President


Hello from your 2020/21 MPIKC President!


I want to start off by saying, how incredibly grateful I am to be able to serve as your Chapter President for the next year. MPIKC is an organization that has given so much to me from a professional standpoint, so it is my goal to ensure we give as much as possible to YOU! I will support our board of directors in every aspect, to ensure we are doing our best to provide thoughtful education and impactful networking opportunities.


It goes without saying that the first half of 2020 has been challenging for us all. Our industry and community have seen layoffs, furloughs, and still to this day, extreme uncertainty of what might be around the corner. I want each and everyone of you to know, that I am here for YOU!! I will support, assist, listen, and be an advocate for you and our community in anyway possible. Our education team has some wonderful education planned for this year to ensure we are all staying informed of updates and changes happening within our industry. Those will be a mix of virtual and hopefully sooner rather than later, in-person events. So be sure to keep a look out for those. 


Lastly but most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to address what is currently going on in our country, when it comes to racial inequality. I would be doing a disservice to the Kansas City community and our membership if I did not use the platform I have been given…What is happening and what has happened for many-many years in this country is nothing short of unacceptable. We all have a responsibility to speak up, to listen, to learn, and to act. Racism must stop, and we all must do our collective part in ending it. One of the great things I love about our industry is the strong diversity in people of color, gender, religion, the list goes on and on. However, we must continue to do more! We must consistently provide education to our meetings and event attendees on racial inequality. We must not be afraid to speak up and speak out against racism. To that, I will be tasking the board members on the Executive Committee to support me in forming a racial inclusion and diversity training committee. This committee will be tasked with looking internally at MPIKC and seeing what we can do BETTER when it comes to ensuring all people of color feel welcome and accepted within our Chapter and Community. I will assure you that this will be an effective committee. I will provide regular updates to this Membership, and I will ask all of you to support myself and your Board of Directors as this becomes a priority for the 2020/21 year. I ask that any members that wish to serve on this committee please reach out directly to me. I truly hope this message is shared by all, and I hope we, as the strong 165-member chapter that we are, can unite and do all we can to put an end to racism.


Thank you for you for taking the time to read this…I truly cannot begin to express how excited I am to serve as your President for the next year. Times might continue to be tough, before they get better, but I promise you all, we will get through this year TOGETHER and STRONGER!!


Kyle Sadewhite

Chapter President

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