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Education Event - The Weaponization of Travel

23 January, 2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Cider Gallery
810 Pennsylvania St
Lawrence, KS
Kendra Schultz
Phone: 785-856-5285

Travel boycotts in the United States have risen in popularity in recent years and are regularly making headlines today. The impact of travel boycotts on changing policy has been mixed and the details of what makes for a successful or failed boycott tend to be hazy. Through three phases of study, Destinations International has studied the efficacy of travel boycotts and led the fight to oppose them.  This session will discuss the results of these landmark studies, showcase alternatives to travel boycotts and detail Destinations International's further work in this area including the spring 2019 release of two separate toolkits to aid those facing a travel boycott.  Through this session you will understanding the nature and impact of a potential travel boycott; the efficacy of travel boycotts; what actions are being taken to assist destinations, meetings, events and venues faced with travel boycotts; learn further steps that will be undertaken by Destinations International; and find ways to become involved in the effort to end travel boycotts and replace them with other alternatives.

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