Overall Excellence Chapter Award
Overall Excellence Chapter Award



Renewal Support Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial aid to MPI Middle PA members who have been confronted with unemployment/ financial hardship due to COVID19.

This fund is intended to support payment of membership renewal dues.

Financial support will be provided in the form of membership grants to accepted applicants, the grants may vary in degrees of assistance, and will cover a one (1) year period. 

For consideration, please complete the below application. The Office of the President of the MPIMP Chapter will review all applications as they are received.

Please note that all applications will be held in the strictest confidence. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Funds are subject to availability, when they run out, the program will be paused until funds become available again.
  • MPIMP Member Renewal Support Fund program and review procedures are subject to change
  • Membership support will not exceed one year per member
  • Applications may be denied based on the sole discretion of the Office of the President
  • Applicants will be provided a final determination within 10 days

Please complete the application found here:

Current Member of MPI Middle PA Chapter:

Have you contacted the MPI Global Foundation for membership assistance? They can be reached at help@mpi.org or 866-318-2743.

Do you require a full year renewal support or will supplemental support for renewal be enough?

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