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Honorable Mention Chapter Award



DEI Community Chat: Pride, Pronouns, Privilege and Allyship

July 28, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

To continue our DEI work, we will be hosting quarterly community chats. This is not a professionally moderated call but a safe space to discuss DEI topics. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For the month of July, we will be discussing this podcast from the Forum on Workplace Inclusion to examine the complexities of marginalization, intersectionality, masculinity, and power, through the lens of allyship.

Podcast Ep 66: Pride, Pronouns and Privilege: How Intersectionality Informs Our Allyships Journey

We can expand our potential for connection and belonging despite the stress of uncertainty and inequity, by listening to and learning from people who aren’t often seated at the same table. This fireside chat will highlight various shared and disparate lived experiences, in a way that acknowledges the reality that we can be both under-represented and under-estimated, while also carrying privilege that can be leveraged for positive impact.

• Expanded focus on the intersection of masculinity, race and gender
• An experience of learning, listening and lifting lesbian, trans/queer non-binary voices
• Providing an example of what an ally conversation can look and sound like

To listen the podcast:

Please register for the discussion group prior to July 28.
Please keep your registration confirmation as your log in will be unique to you.

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