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Top Performing Chapter Award



MPI New England Chapter Committees



Why join the Membership Committee?  

Our members ARE MPI!

The focus of the membership committee is two-fold: Member Care and Recruitment.  We focus on connecting with our current members to ensure they are maximizing their membership and achieving ROTI (return on time invested) and we also develop and implement outreach efforts to recruit new members.  We consistently engage with members and potential members, sharing membership incentive information from MPI Global, and recognizing and rewarding active members (new and veteran alike) for their contributions to the success of our chapter.  

Our committee is a great way for you to connect with fellow professionals and increase awareness of all of the education and business opportunities that MPI membership offers.  

For Membership questions and additional information please contact our Vice President, Membership.


Why join the Finance Committee? 

“It’s not Finance, it’s FUNance!”

 MPI New England offers sponsors and other strategic partners exposure to the largest group of qualified corporate and association meeting planners, destination management professionals, and supplier partners through affordable monthly programs, access to active and engaged local membership and industry leaders across the region. Come join our committee to establish these valuable partnerships, learn about the finances of the chapter and grow a network of your own.

For Finance & Sponsorship questions and additional information, please contact our Vice President, Finance.


Why join the Education Committee?

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The Education Committee is responsible for planning six (6) monthly educational programs each year. We partner with the best venues and the most exciting speakers. Speakers who are entertaining, who are thought leaders in their fields and who deliver strong educational content that will interest and engage our planner and supplier members alike.  The MPI New England Chapter is recognized for our fantastic programs with a WOW educational factor – come join us and help continue this into the future!   

For Education questions and additional information please contact our Vice President, Education.


Marketing and Communications

Why join the Marcomm (Marketing & Communications) Committee?

Hear ye, hear ye!  We get out the good word about MPI!

The Marcomm Committee is responsible for communicating to our membership and the events community at large.  We provide our members with information about upcoming events, interviews and profiles of our members, and the latest developments in the meetings industry.

We manage the chapter website, produce NEWS, our monthly e-newsletter and manage our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  All of these are integral communication tools for our membership, as well as, our advertisers and sponsors, whose products and services we help promote.  

By getting involved with the Marcmom Committee, you will get unparalleled access to the movers and shakers in our industry.  You will also get to showcase your writing, posting and marketing chops! For Marcomm questions and additional information contact our Vice President, Marketing & Communications.

Special Projects

Why join the Special Projects Committee?

Who doesn’t love a good party?!

The Special Projects Committee has the enviable task of getting to plan great networking events such as the Holiday Party, the Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony and our Summer Industry Outing.  We also drive the chapter’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.  

What could be better?  Doing good while having fun!   Being a part of the Special Events Committee is a great way to get to know other members and get more out of your membership. 

For Special Projects questions and additional information contact our Vice President, Special Projects


Why join the Institute Committee?

Everyone who is anyone attends our Signature event!

The Educational Institute Committee collaborates, strategizes and implements every component required to create and execute a successful Educational Institute. The Educational Institute is MPI New England’s keystone event and is held annually over the course of a day and a half.  Are you interested in joining our committee for 2019?  Volunteer roles include:
Education Chair & Sub-Committee: Working with the Director and Vice President on building content and soliciting speakers.
Logistics Chair & Sub-Committee: Overseeing all logistics, act as key liaison with venue selected and oversee After Dark & Hosted Buyer sub-committees. 
Sponsorship Chair: Solicit and negotiate sponsorships for transportation, AV, etc.  
Marcom Chair: Key liaison with fellow MPI/NE board members under Marketing & Communication to insure effective outreach 
Recruitment Chair: This chair will be our voice to promote involvement and recruit volunteers.

CAN WE HAVE YOUR BUY-IN?  Email our Vice President, Educational Institute.

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