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headshots_GarymurakamiA Message from the President…

Gary Murakami GTP, GLP, CMP, CMM, DES
MGM Resorts International

I am humbled and honored to serve as your 2020-2021 chapter president for this upcoming year alongside such a distinguished group of industry professionals serving as your Board of Directors.  We are grateful to follow in the footsteps of the many visionary leaders before us who have created a well-recognized and respected organization for the meetings & events industry.  I wanted to specifically highlight the leadership of my predecessor Chelsea Marshburn, CMP, DMCP who led us this past year, especially these past few months of challenging and uncertain times.


My involvement in the industry has spanned a wide array of interests, passions and focus, crossing several areas with particular emphasis on professional development, the credibility of the industry, and the opportunities for each individual to cultivate their authentic voice, aspirations, and contributions.


It is imperative during these current times though, that we utilize the tremendous influence and impact of our meetings and events industry to bring about social and economic transformation. Given what is happening in the world today, we must together amplify our voices to affect positive change.  Our industry has always been resilient, and we will return to business when possible and continue to affect and to influence the critical importance of what we do each and every day.  We must also address the social injustices and systemic racism that exists in our world. Our industry can play a key role in being those changemakers.


Many ask why we as a board or our tremendous team of volunteers choose to serve and to be involved in industry organizations such as MPINCC. Each of us has a responsibility, the influence, and the power to take steps to be part of creating our future. Our meetings and events industry has an obligation and a critical opportunity to shape a more equitable world.


Thank you all, our fellow MPINCC chapter members, for your trust and faith in this board to lead this chapter in the coming year. This is a role that we take with pride, and our board of directors and I are honored to be stewards in advancing the future sustainability and success of the chapter. We will strive to provide critical learning and education as well as to facilitate business networking. And on this journey together, let’s also get to work to address the inequality and injustices that still exists in the world.

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