Honorable Mention Chapter Award
Honorable Mention Chapter Award



Arlene Sheff Student Scholarship



Applicants and Donors Wanted

MPIOC is proud to announce the launch of the Arlene Sheff Student Scholarship Program. This education program and funded awards are designed with the best interest of the future of our industry in mind.

Arlene Sheff Scholarships and will be awarded to student applicants who demonstrate a desire to learn, grow and develop event skills, while contributing to the chapter’s success. MPIOC will provide funds to offset membership and event registration fees based on merit and active participation.

Arlene Sheff Student Scholarship are funded by donor support — YOUR donation makes a critical difference that will be publicly recognized.

    •  To sponsor a student and/or their mentoring faculty, please contact  VP-membership@mpioc.com or click the button below to make a contribution online.


    •  To apply for or to share the application with students you know, Click Here.   Applications are accepted anytime but will close by 7/31/2020 for this term.


Our students are our future: With your help we can change the game and light the flame of tomorrow.

For more information, contact VP-membership@mpioc.com or Lisa Meller, Arlene Sheff Student Scholarship Chair and Past President MPIOC, at LisaM@mellerperformanceevents.com.

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