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MPI Ottawa Membership Anniversaries

Membership Anniversaries

By: Meg LaPlante & Gabrielle Whittaker | Aug 13, 2019

This July, the recognition sub-committee sent a survey out to members of our chapter asking them to confirm the date they joined MPI Ottawa. This initiative was started so that we may recognize long-standing active members of our chapter and congratulate them on milestone years of membership. Special anniversary pins will be given to these members during this year’s AGM on September 10th as a thank you for their years of involvement in our chapter. Please join us in recognizing the following members for their milestone anniversaries.

5 Years

  • Christina Amos
  • Zarife Bazerly
  • Ashley Craven, CMP
  • Jill Garner
  • Anne Lamarche, CMP
  • Meg LaPlante
  • Matthew LeBlanc, CMP
  • Craig McConnell
  • Kraig-Paul Proulx
  • Sam Pochun
  • Marvin Self
  • Darcy Vaughan

10 Years

  • Dora Dalietos
  • Joan MacKinnon, CMP
  • Tina Nicodemo
  • Karen Norris, CMP

15 Years

  • Greg Plazek

20 Years

  • Francine St Martin

25 Years +

  • Melanie Hudson, 27 years
  • Anna Lee Chabot, CMP, 34 years

We also want to acknowledge the following members who may not be celebrating the above milestones this year, but have been a part of our chapter for many years.

6 to 9 Years

  • Tanya Angus, CMP
  • Alice Au, CPCE
  • Julie Berube
  • Stacy Blacquiere
  • Dave Bruce
  • Lynn Chiasson
  • Allison Collins
  • Shawnna Dickie-Garnhum
  • Pamela DiNardo
  • Tanya Fisher, CMP
  • Marc Forgette
  • Allison Garrod
  • Geeta Gera
  • Paul Glover, CMP
  • Patricia Gougeon, CMP
  • Brian Henry
  • Jamie Holland
  • Michelle Jackson
  • Angela Jefferies
  • Nicole Jeffrey
  • Sarah Landry, CMP
  • Don Leddy
  • Sandra Leslie, CMM, CMP, CMP-HC
  • Kim MacDonald
  • Janet Maslin
  • Catherine Mathieu
  • Jennifer McAndrew, MBA, CED, DES
  • Diane Mongrain
  • Kim Morissette
  • Rebecca Narr
  • Bengt Neathery
  • Barbara Outschoorn
  • Janette Rached, CMP
  • Paula Racher
  • Patricia Simpson
  • Daniela Stucki
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Rebecca Trafford
  • Andrea Wagner
  • Karen Wiersma
  • Ryan Young

11 to 14 years

  • Jennifer Beatty
  • Cynthia Beaudin
  • Wendy Bradley
  • Lira Buschman, CMP
  • Sally Clelford
  • Lindsay DenBoer
  • Diane Fowles
  • Sharon Fryer, CMP
  • Riccarda Galioto
  • Philippe Kwon
  • Desmond Lomas, CMP
  • Maryse Morin
  • Gaye O'Bertos
  • Andrea Pinsent-Martineau
  • Catherine Porter
  • Scott Ventresca
  • Lori Wagner
  • Kevin Wolfe

16 to 19 years

  • Carole Brault, CMP
  • Francois Brunet
  • David Dugas
  • Wendy Eligh, CMM, CMP, DES
  • Claire Fitzpatrick, CMM, CMP
  • Rose-Marie Guerra, CMP
  • Andrew Horsfield
  • Darlene Kelly-Stewart, HAFA
  • Heather Lockwood, CMP
  • Dawn Lucas, CMP, CFSNM
  • Rozanne Lyons, CMP
  • Marye Menard-Bos, CMM, CMP
  • Martha Tobin
  • Ana Vallejos, CMP

21 to 24 years

  • Dianne Dodds, CMP
  • Louise Gervais, CMM, CMP
  • Mary-Frances Gingras, CMP
  • Bryan Glube
  • Ellyn Holzman, CMP
  • Liette Philippe

Congratulations and thank you to all of our long standing members.

Not on the list but think you should be? Please email Gabrielle at, so we may update our files with your correct join date.  (Editor’s Note: MPI recognizes years of membership anniversaries based on CONTINUOUS years of membership with MPI and not cumulative years of membership)

Headshot_LaPlante Gabrielle_headshot Article compiled by Meg LaPlante, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and Gabrielle Whittaker, Brookstreet Hotel

Article edited by: Darlene Kelly-Stewart, Stonehouse Sales & Marketing Services

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