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Studying for the Certified Meeting Professional exam? MPI Ottawa has you covered!
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2021-2022 CMP Study Guide and Online CMP Study Group


CMP Candidate Study Programming

Are you studying for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam?

MPI Ottawa can help!

1. Get the CMP Self-Directed Study Guide

Cost:  $50 + HST for members; $100 + HST for non-members
When:  Available year-round (online)

Online aids to assist with your studying – including a practice test, domain quizzes, and several narrated video-slideshows – all of which have been specially developed by MPI Ottawa volunteers:


2022 Study Group



2. Register for the Online CMP Study Group (includes access to the Self-Directed Study Guide)


$75 + HST for members; $125 + HST for non-members

*If you have already purchased the mandatory online study guide in option 1 above, your registration fee will be reduced to $25 for the course.

When:       January 26 – April 13, 2022 (weekly Zoom meetings)
Important:  To benefit from this year’s study group, schedule your written exam for the end of April or later.

An 11-week study group with weekly Zoom meetings to review and test CMP exam preparedness through games, slideshows and mock exams. Your registration also includes access to MPI Ottawa’s Self-Directed Study Guide to help you along the way! Participants study outlined domains and chapters prior to each weekly Zoom Meeting.

Register early for quick access to study aids!

You should participate in the Online CMP Study Group IF

  1. You have applied (or you will soon apply) to earn your CMP designation with the Events Industry Council (EIC).
  2. You intend to write your CMP exam in April 2022 (or later). To benefit from this year’s study group, schedule your written exam for the end of April or later.
  3. You have obtained (or you will soon obtain) the reading resources*.
  4. You will be prepared to study assigned domains – one domain per week with supporting chapter(s) – prior to weekly Zoom Meetings.

For more information on the CMP program, please carefully read all information found here:

See also the EIC’s CMP Candidate Webinar, which highlights eligibility requirements, the application process and what to expect from remote proctoring and year-round testing.

*Reading Resources:

The study texts – EIC9, the glossary, and PMM6 – can be purchased through the EIC’s online store. The CMP exam’s content is created from these resources.

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