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MPI Pittsburgh Chapter welcomes you to join more than 300 current CMP's in the state of Pennsylvania and more than 11,500 meeting professionals in 55 countries worldwide who hold the CMP designation as you take the next step in earning your certification. 

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About the CMP

For more than 30 years, Events Industry Council (EIC) has defined new levels of professionalism through its Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program. Events Industry Council certifies individuals through an internationally recognized certification program that evaluates the competency of meeting professionals. The CMP designation represents the standard of excellence in the events industry.

The CMP certification program is a two-part process in which you must complete the CMP application to demonstrate your eligibility, and then successfully pass a written examination covering the functions performed in meeting management.

More information on the CMP can be found here.


What is a CMP Preferred Provider?

CMP Preferred Providers are organizations that have formally registered with the Event Industry Council (EIC) and are committed to providing education that aligns with one of the nine domains included in the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS). The CMP- IS domains are: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Stakeholder Management, Meeting or Event Design, Site Management, and Marketing.

I’m a Chapter member. How does this benefit me?

When you see this logo as part of the promotion of a Chapter program, you’ll know that the program has been approved by EIC for you to earn clock hours when you attend. These clock hours can be used to meet the CMP application or CMP recertification requirements. And, once enrolled, the MPI Pittsburgh Chapter will report these earned clock hours when you register and attend an approved program.

How do I get started?

The first and most important steps are:

  1. Go online to the Event Industry Council and open an account. Be sure to enter the same email address you will use to register for Chapter events as the Primary Address.
  2. Anytime you register for a Chapter program which is approved by EIC for CE clock hours, be sure to register using your EIC Primary Address.
  3. Log in to your account to access and review your accumulated clock hours.

What if I register for a Chapter event with a different email address?

If this happens, MPI Pittsburgh cannot go back and give you CE credit. You can login to your EIC account and self-report your CE clock hours, subject to EIC reporting rules. It’s very easy!  Be sure to keep a copy of your registration.

I’m not a Chapter member, but I attended an approved program.  How do I get CE credit?

You can login to you EIC account and self-report your clock hours. It’s very easy!  Be sure to keep a copy of your registration.

What is the difference between a clock hour and a CEU (Continuing Education Unit)?

One CEU is 10 clock hours. Typically, only colleges, universities and other accredited organizations can issue CEUs. A clock hour is one-tenth of a CEU (.10 clock hours). So, one clock hour (60 minutes) is stated as 1.0. An approved 30-minute luncheon presentation would be .5 clock hours. For the CMP application or recertification, EIC requires a minimum number of documented clock hours of instruction.

About the MPI Pittsburgh Chapter CMP Study Group

Participation in the MPI Pittsburgh Study group is intended to give members support and structure as they prepare to take the CMP exam. The group is open to all members who plan to take the CMP examination within the calendar year.

Why Join a CMP Study Group?

Participating in the MPI Pittsburgh Study Group will help prepare you for the CMP exam by:

  • Providing a 5-week syllabus with assigned readings from the nine domains outlined in the CMP-International Standards (CMP-IS), which is the body of knowledge the CMP exam is based on.

  • Connecting you with other CMP candidates located within Greater Pittsburgh who intend to take the exam within the same calendar year.

  • Hearing tips from fellow industry members who already have their CMP credentials.

The MPI Pittsburgh Study Group is managed independently and does not guarantee a passing score on the exam.


  • How do I know if I am eligible to become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)? For a full overview of the eligibility requirements for the CMP program, click here

  • How do I earn Continuing Education (CE) credits in order to meet the application requirements? MPI Pittsburgh Chapter is a CMP Preferred Provider and the majority of our Education Events are approved through the EIC for Continuing Education (CE) credits. Check our website often to register for upcoming events!

  • How do I apply to take the exam? Applications must be submitted through the CMP portal on the EIC’s website.

  • When should I take the exam? Once you are approved, you will have 12 months to take and pass the exam before you must reapply. 

  • What textbooks and readings are recommended and where can I purchase them? A full list of recommended prep materials can be found on the EIC’s website. All recommended study texts can also be purchased directly through the EIC.

  • Does the exam have to be taken in-person? The Events Industry Council now offers remote proctoring and year-round testing. For more details, click here.

Join a Study Group

The MPI Pittsburgh Chapter study group will be held twice a year. Make a commitment to advancing your skill set by registering today!


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