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MPI Pittsburgh Education & Events


Venue Outreach

  • Manages contact list and researches possible host venues.
  • Works closely with Vice President of Education in contacting venues and soliciting support to ID possible fits in planning the 18 month calendar (can include educational or networking events).
  • At least (2) venues need to be confirmed during term. 
  • (6) Hours a month.
  • Prefer members who have attended at least (3) MPI events within a year, but not mandatory.

Education Content Administrator

  • Support VP of Education and Director of Monthly Programs in managing speaker contracts, 18 month calendar, and other administrative duties.
  • Researches and identifies current topics in the event industry that would be relevant for our membership and then works closely with the VP of Education to discuss and review.  
  • Manages speaker prospects and identifies possible speakers of interest for VP of Education to review.
  • At least (2) new topics or speakers need confirmed during term.
  • (7) Hours a month
  • Prefer members who have attended at least (3) MPI events within a year, but not mandatory.


Production Chair

  • Works with Director of Monthly Programs to prepare PowerPoint presentation and execute production needs, including slide preparation, run of show draft, and on-site speaker contact.
  • Ensure AV needs are met for speakers.
  • Supports as AV tech booth slide advance and cueing as needed.
  • Position is needed for the pre-planning process and onsite.
  • (4) Hours a month.

Speaker Liaison

  • This position is the main point of contact for the speaker upon their arrival and departure into Pittsburgh.
  • Ensures lodging and transportation needs have been met.
  • Understands what the speaker’s schedule is throughout their stay including setting up, doing a dry run, and tearing down of the meeting room.
  • Arrives an hour early to make sure speaker has everything they need, hands out brochures and any information that they want to make available to the attendees.
  • Obtains a speaker amenity include card and makes sure it is signed by all board members before presenting.
  • (4) Hours a month.


Audience Engagement

  • Responsible for adding a new interactive and engagement element to each of our events.
  • Supports VP Education; in charge of ensuring polling integrating (prep) into presentations and on-site execution and/or managing microphone runners if needed for attendee Q&A.
  • (5) Hours a month.
  • Prefer members who have attended at least (3) MPI events within a year, but not mandatory.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Responsible for developing and launching a marketing campaign for at least (2) events per year.
  • Creates marketing message and implements different ways to advertise.  Such as social media, other websites, contests, ads, etc.  Creativity is encourage and preferred for this position.
  • Provides a marketing timeline/schedule
  • Works closely with the VP of Communications as well as the VP of Education. 
  • (6) Hours a month

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