February 21, 2020
MACE 2020
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Call for Presentations


MPI Potomac's mission is to build a rich global meeting industry community in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia areas. To accomplish this mission, MPI Potomac serves as a catalyst for discussion, learning, and innovation. MPI Potomac has an ongoing Call for Presentations for the current chapter year and upcoming years. We are very interested in innovative presentation formats including case studies by meeting professionals, panel discussions, and other cutting edge adult learning formats. We welcome all new ideas and encourage forward thinking presentations.

Established in 1978, MPI Potomac empowers its members to increase their strategic value with education, networking, and business growth opportunities. It is one of the largest chapters in MPI representing over 700 members in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Our membership is comprised of 51% Meeting Professionals (including association/non-profit, corporate, government, and meeting management), 45% are supplier meeting professionals, and the remaining 4% are student members.

MPI Potomac offers educational programming to its members through three key initiatives. All of our educational opportunities provide meeting professionals with unique opportunities to advance their careers, impact the community, and champion the meetings industry. MPI Potomac's two key learning initiatives are:


Meeting Professionals International Potomac Chapter's Mid Atlantic Conference and Expo (MACE) is a one day conference designed for meeting professionals by meeting professionals. With intensive workshops, a market place and dynamic concurrent sessions, this highly rated event fuels over 250 meeting professionals with relevant knowledge and ideas they can implement immediately in their daily business. The environment is designed for collaboration, exploration and connections on multiple levels. MACE sessions are to be no more than 60 minutes and should be complete learning experiences with specific outcomes and learning objectives. We will accept proposals from individuals, collectives, and industry partners. Proposals should focus on innovative strategies, tested tools, and best practices. MACE is particularly interested in sessions that engage attendees in unique ways that reach beyond the standard presenter/PowerPoint model. Session formats may include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitated Discussions - present an issue or trend as a conversation among experts followed by Q&A.
  • Case Studies - describe a program or project in-depth, focusing on innovative solutions to clearly defined challenges and their implications for the field.
  • Skill-Building and Hands-On Learning Experiences - encourage participants to use professional skills to explore a scenario and to teach and learn new tactics.
  • Experiential - introduce participants to a topic or issue through a creative presentation followed by reflection, discussion, and questions.

Please note that submitting a session idea or speaker does not mean that session will be selected for MACE. If two session proposals are similar, presenters may be contacted to determine if they will be willing to collaborate on the session. An important note regarding funds: acceptance of your proposal does not obligate MPI Potomac beyond assuring you of a meeting space, audio/visual support, and inclusion in the printed program. MACE registration is not waived and MPI Potomac will not reimburse session organizers for expenses. Anyone participating in any capacity in a session must be registered. Organizers are responsible for making these facts clear to persons they invite to participate. A small honorarium may be available for select speakers traveling from outside of the greater DC Metro area.

Educational Experiences:

Our Educational Experiences vary in length from 60-minute educational programs to half-day workshops. The goal of these training sessions is to help increase the education of our members so they can continue to progress as meeting professionals. These Educational Experiences are held throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area and the typical attendance averages around 100 meeting industry professionals. We encourage all presenters to showcase new ideas, different learning styles, and resourceful formats.

For more information on attending MPI Potomac's Educational Experiences please visit our calendar of events.

We invite you to submit a presentation for any of our educational programs. We are very interested in innovative presentation formats including case studies by meeting professionals, panel discussions, and other cutting edge adult learning formats. We welcome all new ideas and encourage forward thinking presentations.


The submissions will be peer-reviewed based on:

  • Content
  • Session Format, Design, Creativity and Delivery
  • Presenter Expertise and Experience with Topic
  • Clarity of Message

Social Media:

It is requested by MPI Potomac that contracted speakers provide their social media information to the Chapter for promotional purposes, and that they promote the contracted event on their own channels, in advance. If available, MPI Potomac will also request that contracted speakers provide essays, articles, blogs, etc., for promotion on MPI Potomac's social media channels.


All submissions must reflect original work and must adequately document any overlap with previously published or simultaneously submitted presentations from any of the authors. If authors have any doubts regarding whether such overlap exists, they should contact the MPI Potomac Board Director for Education or MACE prior to submission. If submitting multiple proposals for review, you must fill out this form for each proposed program. Please use the appropriate Proposal Form below and follow the instructions provided.

Our Call for Presentations is continually open. Once your submission is reviewed by our MPI Potomac Board Director for Education and/or MACE, you will be contacted with the results. Please contact the MPI Potomac with any questions at info@mpipotomac.org.

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Speakers Database:

MPI Potomac maintains a Speakers Database that lists the names, contact information, and proposed topics of all individuals who submit a proposal for our educational programs. Individual names are maintained in the Speakers database for two (2) years after the most recent submission. This information is made available to the Education and MACE Committees, to Chapter leaders, and other MPI Chapters looking for qualified speakers.


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Learning Initiative:
MPI Potomac prides itself on education opportunities we provide our members. All programming is approved by the Event Industry Council (EIC) for clock hours for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation.  Has your session been approved by EIC?

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Please select the area in which your proposed program fits best: (select all that apply)

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Please describe the topic as well as the learning objectives. Please use measurable terms which can be evaluated, and are relevant to the suggested topic. Less than 200 words.

Please provide key take-aways attendees will obtain from attending your session:

Please describe the session format, for example: case study, panel discussions, extended workshops, lecture, etc. and if handouts will be/can be provided to the attendees:

Total amount of time required (including question and answer):

May your presentation be videotaped and photographed for future use?

May this presentation be added to the MPI Potomac Website and distributed to our members after the presentation?

Please describe your expertise in the session topic and why you would be suited to present this information. Limit to 250 words.

Please provide a 200-400 word biography to be referenced for promotional materials.

Note: MPI Potomac is a non-profit organization and strong consideration will be given to the overall cost of the presentation. Please state if there is a fee for your presentation.

Please provide two references that may be contacted regarding your proposed presentation and their contact information. Limit to 100 words.

Please indicate if your presentation has been previously approved by EIC for clock hours.

All submitters will be notified in writing of the status of acceptance once reviewed.

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