Honorable Mention Chapter Award
January 28, 2021
Virtual MPI After 5
with Comedian, Brad Nieder, MD, CSP
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January 21, 2021
Virtual January Education
with Michael Dominguez
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Honorable Mention Chapter Award



From the Office of the President

On June 11, 2020 the Past Presidents joined together on a Zoom call to catch up and most importantly to share words of wisdom for MPIRMC incoming President - Nancy Maffucci

The call started with a fun cocktail making class featuring the "ComeBack Kid". All participants received a box in the mail that contained all the ingredients sans the vodka! Our bartender joined us virtually and walked us through the recipe – ComebackKidCocktail Click on the name if you want to make this delicious cocktail at home, we highly recommend it!

Why the Come Back Kid cocktail?  Well, knowing that the past few months have thrown our industry for a loop a lot of the conversation on the call was about resilience and how we as a chapter and industry overcome downturns and rebound to victory and popularity. Certainly this year has proven this already,  with the immediate pivot by the current BOD, led by Dana Rains, MPIRMC President!  And this will continue into the new MPI year starting on July 1st.  So the idea was to toast to resilience and show our faith that once again MPI will lead our members and industry in bouncing back from the current challenges!  

Next - and truly the highlight of the event was hearing from each of the participants. The beauty of this zoom call was we were able to see and hear from so many past presidents, even some that no longer live in the Denver area and who rarely get to participate in MPI anymore.  Here is a list of all who were able to participate:

1981 Steve Powell
1989 Doris Ahrnsbrak
1992 Sharon Schoeffield
1994 BT Carpender
1995 Mary Keener
1997 Marsha Temple
2000 Jan Detweiler
2001 Lucy Murphy
2002 Allison Kinsley
2003 Rich Harter
2004 Donna Watford
2006 Kristin Hutton
2007 Cherie Figge
2008 Megan Meyers
2009 Steve Kinsley
2010 Heather Savoca
2010/2015 Terri Utecht
2011 Heather Hartland
2012 Devon Binder
2013 Danny Findley
2014 Wendy Klein
2016 Stacie Emarine
2017 Tiffany Carson
2018 Joyce Reilly
2019 Dana Rains
2020 Nancy Maffucci
Freddie and Keith Templeton – MPIRMC Staff  


Each Past President shared a bit about what they are doing today and how the experience as President shaped their career.  As each participant shared Graphic Recorder, Karina Branson with ConverSketch, https://www.conversketch.com/ listened in and drew fun and meaningful illustrations highlighting their words.  Such a wonderful memento of this call and the words of wisdom shared by each of us!  Click on the image below for this amazing artwork!

MPI Rocky Mountaion  Chapter Comeback_Kid

Finally, all of the attendees answered some questions and provided advice and memories to guide Nancy and the incoming BOD during this next year. Quite a wonderful collection to reflect on and refer to in 2020 - 2021! 

I would like to extend a very grateful thank you to Devon Binder, CMP, CMM & Red Door Alliances for sponsoring and planning this very fun and meaningful virtual event.    https://www.reddooralliances.com/  

Joyce Reilly 
Past President
MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter

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