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MPIRMC Sharing Industry Insight Via SocialTables: Mobile Apps for Events

Expect a growing appetite for branded apps.

Planners in North America anticipate a nearly 3% increase in mobile app use in 2019, putting it amongst the ranks of event technology trends for 2019. It makes sense: Apps have infiltrated our lives on a societal scale, with nearly every ecommerce website and SaaS product developing their own. Why should events be any different?

Leading events are creating apps to help with agendas, engagement, communication, and even surprise-and-delight inclusions. Meanwhile, venues (especially hotels) are creating apps that inform, personalize, and connect guests with local attractions and activities. 

This year, we see branded apps moving beyond their usual role as resources as more and more events adopt them as an engagement tool.

Key Takeaway for Planners

Apps present an opportunity for personalization and engagement at each stage of the event lifecycle. 

Sure, branded apps have their more obvious uses to help attendees look up schedules and find other information. But perhaps the most exciting opportunity in developing an app for events is in the opportunity to foster greater content engagement. 

Apps and QR codes can be used in tandem to gamify the event, awarding points to attendees for visiting booths and beyond. This type of system could even be used to unlock extras or hidden areas, encouraging engagement via reward. 

Branded apps can also incorporate polling and other features that help events personalize experiences and get to the bottom of attendee preferences. (Oh, and a friendly push notification here and there never hurts in the offseason.)

Key Takeaway for Venues

Use branded apps to personalize, inform, and connect guests to host destinations.

Hotels and venues are developing sophisticated apps that enhance the in-venue experience. Whether it’s Wembley Stadium’s virtual tour guide or Marriott’s sophisticated in-app chatbot functionality, branded apps are adding value in multiple ways:

Catering to event planners – Marriott’s Meeting Services App allows planners to manage their events without ever having to leave their seats.

Connecting attendees with destinations – Hilton’s Explore app connects guests with authentic, desirable experiences in their host cities.

Improving guest stays –  The World of Hyatt app allows guests to do everything from request more towels to catch an Uber.

Link to read more: Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2019

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