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Rocky Mountain Rockstar

The MPIRMC ‘Rocky Mountain Rockstar’ campaign was designed to show our awareness of and appreciate for our members' professional and personal efforts towards supporting and advancing the hospitality industry and MPI’s global and local goals. The goal of this campaign is to highlight our members level of involvement inside or outside, outside of the chapter, what others can expect to experience within the chapter, and their most memorable moments. Additionally, we want to give our members an opportunity to use their voice to show others how MPIRMC has helped them engage with projects and causes they care about and support.

stephan ie Sadri

Stephanie Sadri, CMP

Director of Meetings and Events
American Craft Spirits Association

How did you get your start in the hospitality industry? 
I literally fell into it. I was helping out a friend at a catering event at the convention center during the Microsoft citywide in 2007. I was frustrated, confused (I was supposed to bartend) and snapped at a gentleman who was inspecting my buffet. Not sure what I did or said but he ended up giving me his card. I like to think he appreciated my tenacity… Interview the next day and then he offered me the Catering Sales position with Centerplate at Invesco Field. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Where are you headed in your career? 
Greatness! JKJK I love the possibility of this industry. How everything is changing and it is constantly new and exciting. I am starting a new position and am super excited to continue to grow my association and our amazing community. Plus learn new skills as I have never worked at a nonprofit. I also hope to be entering a stage where I can help and encourage up and coming meeting professionals. I have so many mentors I rely on so heavily, I want to be able to offer that same support and guidance.

When did you first learn about MPI? 
I knew about it right from the get go but I didn’t get super involved until they hosted their 40th anniversary at the Curtis and I was the Catering Manager on it.

How has your involvement with MPI impacted your career? 
Incredible. I wouldn’t have made changes or moves without the support and mentorship of so many in MPI. I’ve literally cried on the shoulders of MPI members as I was working through changes and decisions. I’ve also gained business, clients, skills and education that make me a better asset to a team. I have learned way more being involved in MPI then I would’ve on my own.

How has your involvement with MPI impacted your personal life? 
It has given me some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Our industry is so unique and people outside of it may not fully understand the hard work, effort, blood, sweat and tears that go into what we do. Having people who understand and have been in your shoes adds an extra layer of kinship. My kids call members Aunt and Uncle and even refer to Freddie as Grandma Freddie. They’ve grown up with MPI and have become friends with other members kids. These relationships are seeded in our passion for our industry so that commonality has made it even easier to connect and form deep and solid friendships. What other industry has people from different companies and roles come together and connect so easily?

What value does becoming an MPI member contribute to the future of our industry? 
The motto says it itself. When we meet we change the world. The power we have together is way stronger than alone. We learn from each other, encourage each other and just generally want to improve the industry. When you have dedicated people driving the conversation, trends, and constant evolution the end result is generally pretty awesome.

Best advice/tip for non-member? 
Join! But also join for yourself. If you view your membership as a what is my ROI business wise only you are going to be disappointed. Join because you want to improve. Because you want to improve our industry. Join because you want a seat at the table with incredible industry leaders. Business will come, job offers will come, but first you’ll develop connections, knowledge, insights, and hopefully friendships. 


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