Mentorship Program 2020-2021

MPISD Mentorship Program is a platform for personal and professional development for its chapter members.  The mentorship program is open and now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 term. Please fill out our Mentorship Questionnaire if you are interested in joining the program.


The MPISD Mentorship Program matches junior level members with senior level professionals so that they may share information, knowledge, and ideas in an open environment.


  • Encourage participation and interaction by using Facebook Group platform for an open forum with mentor/mentee participant
  • Adjust program to adapt to current world and industry climate
  • Get 3 pairs of Mentor/Mentee signed up for the one on one program by 6/30/2021

Mentor/Mentee Recruitment and Engagement Platform

●      MPI San Diego Mentorship Café  (Facebook Group)

○      Any current MPISD members are allowed to join the group

○      Encourage Mentor volunteers to engage with questions monthly

○      Chair of Mentorship Committee is responsible for promoting mentor insight, encouraging knowledge and engagement within MPI San Diego Mentorship Cafe

CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MPI San Diego Mentorship Cafe Facebook Group

Mentor/Mentee Pairing Process

●      MPI San Diego Mentorship Program (One on One)

○      Any current MPI SD members are allowed to join the Mentorship Program

○      Mentor/Mentee to complete a profile questionnaire

○      Chair of Mentorship Committee to review questionnaires and match Mentor/Mentees

Click Here to complete the Mentorship Questionnaire 

Mentors and mentees are recruited from the chapter membership base.  Pairs are encouraged to meet once a monthly virtually, and are encouraged to meet in-person at MPI SD events.  The Mentee drives the relationship.  It is up to the Mentee to maintain contact with their Mentor, communicate their goals and set expectations.  The Mentor is expected to be available to help the Mentee achieve their goals.  At the end of the annual term (June), program participants are invited to a celebratory event to commemorate their “graduation” from the program.

For Mentees:

●      Real World Insight

●      Increased visibility and recognition in your job and within the industry

●      Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, learning experiences and resources

●      Guidance on professional development and advancement

●      Ability to get more comfortable learning from others in the industry

For Mentors:

●      Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches

●      Opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices

●      A chance to give back to the industry and passing on a legacy to another generation

●      Improvement of leadership and coaching skills