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Top Performing Chapter Award



Legendary Member of the Quarter


Maria Thornal

Congratulations on being voted Member of the Quarter by the board of directors of your MPITBA chapter! You are among an elite group of members who has proven their dedication to the chapter and to the industry, as a whole.

Maria Thornal

How many years have you been in the Meeting/Event Business? 

7 years – I was extremely fortunate to be offered a Catering Sales position right out of college in 2013 and have been in the meetings/events industry ever since!

During that time, what would you say has been your best experience? 

I’ve had so many amazing experiences that have allowed me to grow in my career but the best experience has been getting to help others to ensure that their events and meetings are a success! There is no greater reward than getting that call or email the day after an event to hear how amazing it all went and to thank me for playing such a huge part in making that happen. 

What committees/volunteer opportunities have you been involved in during your membership?  

For the last 3 years, I’ve been part of the Meetings Academy committee and most recently held the chair position for MA 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were forced to cancel the April conference but I know MA 2021 will be back bigger and better than ever with the groundwork that the amazing 2020 committee has already done!  

Why did you first join MPI?

I first joined MPI as an additional opportunity to network with fellow suppliers and meeting planners. I also had initial plans to obtain my CMP certification and wanted to earn additional education credits. Although I have not gotten my CMP certification yet, mark my words… 2021 WILL be the year I become a CMP! J

What's the most important/valued thing you’ve gained from your membership? 

Well, this is an easy one… the relationships I’ve been able to form and I truly mean that! There is really no greater networking group than MPI. We work in a tough yet extremely rewarding industry and getting to share that with others who understand is so refreshing. From the moment I joined MPI and the MA committee, I immediately felt welcomed and valued. My busy work schedule doesn’t allow for me to get to every MPI event but when I do get to attend I am always received with warm welcomes and I love it! 

Please tell us any interesting facts about you that you would like us to know.  

I’m a die-hard Florida State football fan, have the FSU spear tattooed on my foot, and named my Golden Retriever, Winston (after Jameis Winston). My husband and I also met at FSU so we both hold our alma mater very close to our hearts! J

Thank you. And congratulations, once again, on your honor!


We would like to again congratulate our previous members of the month:

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