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April Member of the Month


JC York3JC York
Wise Guys

How many years have you been in the Meeting/Event Business? 

I have been a part of this amazing industry for over 20 years.

During that time, what would you say has been your best experience? 

This is definitely a hard question to answer since there has been a lot of amazing experiences.  Especially being very involved in our industry associations, the people I have met and worked with, and the awards & recognition we have won as a company.  But I would have to say from a personal standpoint, I love to perform.  So having the chance to travel to places throughout the US and Internationally to perform has been fantastic.  From the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Finals, to major conferences like the National Republican Convention and City-wide buy-outs, to week long meetings for international companies to a very private and personal Make-a-Wish event.  These are the some of the many reasons why I love what I do.

What committees/volunteer opportunities have you been involved in during your membership?  

Vice President of Communications, Director of Public Relations and Community Outreach (Connections Campaign, MPI Grant, Build-a-Bear, Toys for Tots, Florida Blood Services, Past Presidents Council/Habitat for Humanity), Communications Committee, Special Events Committee, Education Committee, Meetings Academy, Nomination Committee, Awards Committee and Ambassador.

Why did you first join MPI?   

I joined for a dual purpose, both professionally and personally, to brand my company and to develop personal relationships within the industry and my local market.  Turned out to be a great investment for both.  Throughout my time with MPITBA I have been able to grow and expand my business, as well as, make some strong connections with leaders in our industry that I now get to call friends.

What's the most important/valued thing you’ve gained from your membership? 

Relationships.  The true value of my membership has been the relationships that I have built while being a member with other amazing event professionals.  Learning from, working with, being able to assist one another on events and being able to be there for another when they need to talk.  And that goes both ways.  You can’t put a value on that type of support, it’s priceless.

Please tell us any interesting facts about you that you would like us to know.  

I both honorably and proudly serve on the Board of Directors for the SEARCH Foundation. The SEARCH Foundation exists to assist special event, meetings and hospitality professionals faced with a life threatening illness or any catastrophic occurrence. The great thing about SEARCH is that it’s there for anyone within our industry; it isn’t tied to any one particular association.  That the money we raise goes directly back to those within our industry; Assisting Event Professionals in Crisis.  I would be more than happy to talk about SEARCH with anyone who wants to know more and/or help support an amazing cause.

We would like to again congratulate our previous members of the month:

Krystal Ferm (002)

Krystal Ferm

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