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Connecting is Affecting … Your business, relationships, ideas, development, and collaborations! 

Year to date Connections...

The Connections Campaign is an avenue for members to share and quantify member-to-member connections proving the value of MPI. So far we have reached over $(Total dollar amount coming soon) in submitted connections! 

Our vision and mission as a member-centric organization are focused on building those personal and business connections for you, connecting you to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. It’s about supporting each other, and helping each other to BUY MPI. 

The Connections Campaign is a celebration of those successful connections! 

When you share your connection, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize! Each entry will be eligible for a grand prize in June, the end of our chapter year. This past year’s winner won a 2-night stay at the Loews Don Cesar, plus limo service from Olympus Limousine for a night out on the town and Dinner for two from Yacht Starship. You may even see your Connection posted to the MPITBA website or featured in our monthly e-newsletters. And you will be recognized for being a Connected member by ribbons on your name badge at MPITBA functions. 

The next drawing will be at the Monthly Meeting!

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