Top Performing Chapter Award
August 17, 2021
Backstage Pass to the One-Hundred Thousand Dollar Stage
Join us for a speaker showcase with a behind the scenes look at video production, marketing, and event design elements.
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Top Performing Chapter Award



Backstage Pass to the $100,000 Stage

August 17, 2021
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
416 Mary Lindsay Polk Dr, Suite 503
Franklin, TN
MPI Tennessee Chapter
Phone: 615.373.8002

Video is no longer just a piece of your overall event marketing and experience design strategy - it’s central to campaign success and imperative in building a solid foundation in support of those efforts.

MPI Tennessee is providing you with an exclusive “Backstage Pass to the $100,000 Stage!”

This 3.5 Hour EIC Approved event, hosted by the fabulous Beth Z and Jess Pettitt, will provide motivation and inspiration from nine world-renowned speakers as they present individual, 15-minute sessions during a video shoot and live stream experience. The “Backstage Pass to the $100,000 Stage” will provide a full day of video production and event design education highlighted by a panel of marketing, video production and experience designers that will discuss what it really takes for you to capture and produce compelling video content for your next event.

Whether you are new to event marketing and video production or a seasoned professional looking to fine-tune your approach, this event will provide insights, information, and inspiration from both the speakers and top industry thought leaders and practitioners.

With registration, everyone is entered to win one of 9 signed book collection prizes from our speakers. 
All attendees will receive:

Access to 3 CMP-Accredited Webinars from Jess Pettitt
Copies of Mary C. Kelly’s books and ebooks
Collectors Cards from Beth Z
Access to Sam Richters Meeting Planner Intel Engine and Reference Guide ($995 value)

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